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Waiting at the airport. Flight delayed. What drink next?

  • Beer
  • Cocktail
  • Wine

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So I had a heffe waiting for results. Now, as per the poll, I’m going to order a mule.


Always Graphics Tablet.


I have never used one, so it will be just an experimental thing…
But I do want to play with one.

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I got one last winter and have been learning sketching and digital painting on it since and I love it. Much cheaper than buying a pottery studio (my main art hobby). Prior to getting mine I hadn’t ever seriously sketched or painted and it had been 5+ years since I even attempted sketching or painting so its defiantly a learning process.

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Informationals … Need a vote on my next direction I should take my posts

Top 5 get the pick

  • MIMO
  • Wi-Fi standards
  • Channel width in detail
  • Advanced settings in routers such as beacon intervals etc
  • Modulation – QAM/PSK/QPSK etc
  • Wave propagation theory
  • Terrestrial radio other than WIFI
  • Sattelite communications theory
  • 3G 4G 5G what the fuck add a number G?
  • Millimeter wave communications
  • Noise theory
  • Ground communication theory (COAX/cable transmission etc)

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been looking for a used truck for my dad to replace his dying Buick Rendezvous from 2003, will be looking for used but what do you guys prefer, and why?

  • Chevy Silverado
  • GMC Sierra 1500
  • FORD F-150

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Chevy and gmc are basically the same thing. Also I would never buy a ford.

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my thoughts exactly, seems gmc has a better looking interior than the chevy, chevs have a monotone color to them in the lower end models but the GMCs add some different tones and some fake wood panels which looks better than black plasic. we found some decent fords but then again the quality is very 50/50 on em from what ive heard

If you’re looking to save some money then you go with the silverado, but if you don’t mind spending a bit more for a few more luxuries then gmc since it’s literally just an upgraded and rebadged silverado.


Used or new

FWIW I have a 2009 Silverado and like it a lot, but it has a bunch of extras like remote start, Z71 off-road package, tow package, tire pressure monitors, etc. Personally I like the plain interior, it’s pretty hard to screw up that way and isn’t distracting.

The only thing I don’t like about it is it’s really too much truck for me.

My dad had an old '97 Silverado and I loved that thing to death, it didnt have any over the top features but it had a nice v8 on it, rusted away and eventually she broke down everywhere (the engine fit like it was just made). Its kind of why were still looking for a Silverado and this one is the best weve found so far for $23K CAD (yes the bling is overkill lol)
Im leaning more to this GMC Sierra we found for the same price and a little higher mileage; but its got a crew cab instead of the extended cab on the Silverado.

I have a crew but actually wanted the extended cab. Couldn’t find any at the time with the features and mileage I wanted, and I’m way too impatient!

My dad usually has a few people with him at times so the crew cab would work the best for him, that side step you have, the dealership had those on almost every truck and they had small specs of rust showing up on em. shame really

I’m getting rust on the rear wheel wells. I hate the Midwaste and its incessant road salt :frowning:

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even when it doesnt snow… (triggered from past experience lol)

Do you wear t-shirts from events (swag or otherwise)?

  • Yes
  • Only at home
  • Never

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unless its a band or something thats not over the top in your face.

I wear SGDQ shirts. Otherwise they are for cleaning or exercise.