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Podcasts are here! | Level One Techs


We've had a lot of questions about this for a while and wanted to let you guys know that we finally have the Level1News show set up in podcast format. You can check it out at

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Yay podcasts


This confused me for a second. Good to see audio versions!


Ya hoo! Woo hoo! Yippee!

I'd assume Mario approves.


Thank you so much, I drive a truck for a living. This will make a wonderful addition to my playlist.


Hurray! Finally.

Only gripe is the naming scheme you guys have going on.

For some reason, the Podcast is called Level One Techs. However, the enterprise's name appears to be Level1 Techs. Then the episode names are often Level1 News, but some are Level1 News and some are Level1News. Might want to make them consistent when you get the chance!

Is there a stealth rebrand going on?


@wendell now we just need you and "Not Wendell" to drop everything else so you can do daily podcasts!




@wendell I'm still having trouble with podcasts from this year not showing up in various programs.
Looking at the XML, the ones I cannot see are missing the enclosure tag linking to the mp3.


 <enclosure url="" length="35545773" type="audio/mpeg" />


Chromium complains when I click the link

also would be nice to see the podcasts on Google Play Music

Thank you


200 is "everything ok" status
copy paste the link, I think ajax link acceleration might be... needing some love



been asking for this since the jump. Thanks guys!

BTW I took the liberty of listing the feed on gPodder.


I updated slightly my old howto for using them in andorid with antennapod


Thats the raw rss feed, through it into an rss reader or podcatcher.


Having the same issue as @ArgGrr above, can't download any of the episodes from this year.


haha I wonder how Jeff Atwood would react if we showed him the following picture...


@DuBistKomisch @ArgGrr All fixed.


Yup! Now I can fall asleep to the soothing audible chocolate that is Wendell and Ryan.


doesn't seem to work for me, though.

when I hit subscribe foobar shows me this:

Unable to open item for playback (Unsupported file format):