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Playstation 2

I miss my PS2 aswell. I still have a couple of Logitech Wireless controller which were one of the coolest thing I remember of my time with it, beside all the obviously amazing games. If you guys are interested I can dig those controllers out and show you.
I didn’t sell them because I used to have a 2 port USB adapter to use them on PC.
Also the Eye Toy game with the silver camera was incredible. A 640x480 camera that was able to figure out decently well what 4 people were doing. Insane!

New additions to the collection
Shrek super slam is a good drunk afternoon gaming with friends game :grin: :sunglasses: music and vibe is perfect :ok_hand:

I need more plastic crates for games and stuff


Jak II will murder you at the drill platform turret section in Hero Mode. It’s the hardest level in all of the Jak series.

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I know it’s not ps2 but it’s still retro playstation. My ps2 was destroyed in the storage I had.


Horrible phone quality camera. Also somehow got cropped… =.=

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i have 7 on my ps3 as a digital download and ive been tracking down the discs its still a really fun ff game

Cool, I ripped my original copies and patched them with PPF-O-Matic. I am playing FF7 Hardtype beta 16 right now. I am already struggling to beat airbuster right now. His counter attacks keep wiping my party.

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Took a pic of my PS2 game collection. Both my fat and slim PS2 are long dead, though. The fat one started scratching rings into the discs and then just died. Slim one just died (refused to read discs) but I still have that one. Along with some controllers (I lost track of how many I had over the years and only one died cause I threw it against a wall which was also the only time I did something like that).

Sadly, this is just a fraction of what I would own if my stupid younger self hadn’t sold them to buy new games and then sold them to buy other new games. Eventually buying some of the games again that I already had but sold at some point…


Dannnngg nice champion return to arms is that the pal disc case never saw it in white… I got champions of norath and it’s super dope wish I had local friends to play with.

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Yeah, PAL games were all boring white (or black with the silver top for the Platinum series, but those changed on the cover too over the years).

The Champions games were both good. Don’t remember if I ever played Dark Alliance 1/2, but they seem to be quite similar.

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I keep a Backwards Compatible PS3 since it’s my only PS2 now. Emulation STILL hasn’t fixed issues like the shadows in Jak and Sly. PCSX2 is about to face a sudden death with the move to 64bit only coming soon to many OSes.


That’s actually the main reason I’m collecting ps2s and such I’m buying parts and I’m gonna start trying to build a networked ps2 based computation thing to kinda learn some stuff that will never be used for anything else

If you had the Linux kit, you could try to run BOINC on it.

I found a kernel loader to run off USB that hasn’t been updated in 4 years so

Revisited the dev PCSX2 and finally Jak and Daxter 1 is in a playable state, even rendering at 4K. Jak II and Jak 3 both are GPU bound, because only the OpenGL renderer correctly renders the game. Sly shadows are still broken.

In fact, you reach a CPU bottleneck in Jak 3 in the catacombs. A 4960X can only do 30fps in there.

Play! (the emulator) seems to be looking into a Vulkan renderer, so if that hits stable, that would be worth trying out on Linux, because it can be built for 64bit.

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playing some “snowboarding” for the ps1 on my ps3 cause my ps2’s are being a dick about playing cd’s

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Sometimes it’s not worth the hassle, you can use the software renderer with AA and with scanlines it somewhat makes the image “fake” a higher resolution
I used this for rogue galaxy


Really fun game :ok_hand:

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I just tested OpenGL with different settings to get Sly 2 shadows working, but the performance with shadows rendered properly is TERRIBLE.

Jak and Daxter 1 plays flawlessly, but the Sandover Village mayor’s eyes are glitched out.

I’m hoping Play! and Vulkan will remove many bottlenecks in the emulation.

bruh a ps2 yhat is 35 bucks

not really the point of this thread is tiny little tid bits and discussion of anything ps/1/2/3 emu (done legally) is 100% fine in the thread

shutting down emu talk is not ok

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