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Playstation 2

this might be a very slow thread

PlayStation 2 discussion

and modding

no illegal rom/iso/bios sharing etc


some of my collection
full list to come

game list
  1. cabelas africa
  2. Boogie
  3. madagascar
  4. god of war
  5. suzuki super bikes
  6. future tactics the uprising
  7. dance factory: dance to any cd
  8. guitar hero
  9. shuan palmers pro snowboard
  10. nppl champ 2009
  11. ffx
  12. MGS
  13. rockband
  14. karaoke revolution
  15. redbels raider ON
  16. starocean teot
  17. indiana jones empeors tomb
  18. snowboard*ps1
  19. medal of honour rising sun
  20. rapala pro fish



I have a fat one sitting at my bedroom TV rack, unfortunately the controller board broke on it and i’m being able to find a replacement.

i use it with OPL but i’ll shush about it

opl to play games you own is fine i use it to play ffxii on my broken disc drive ps2 in living room


I own most of them, the only i don’t own is NFSU2 Sha_Do edition, which i really wanted to just see running.

i have some homebrew mods cause acecombat 3 eletrosphere is shit in the usa edition so had to rip the iso and redo the subtitles and menu patch for english the usa edition was fucking cut to shit so gotta make it playable


Quickly searched ML to see if i could find a replacement board for my PS2, and i did!

check ali express too
they got tones and tones of this stuff i get some of my replacement thumbstick and casing moding stuff and more from there


Yep, they have it as well.

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I think my internal fan doesn’t work either, i’ll order one just to make sure.

aliexpress sells fmcb kit for fat ps2’s for ok prices with harddrives but they fill them with illegal iso’s and roms

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i have been looking for a linux ps2 v1.0 disc its like 120$ cheapest ive seen one day ill buy one
690$ for the full kit


That is literally the one that i have, it works really well, but i’m using a small 2.5" hard drive with an adapter on it.

i have this exact one for my living room ps2 HAHA

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I miss my PS2 wish I never sold it…

I had an N64 previous to the PS2 but the PS2 is what ‘made me a gamer’ so to speak… Jak II and Jak III as well as Mercenaries, Ratchet and Clank, NFS Underground 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, all games i played WAY too much of distributing 100s of hours to each


One time my friend was playing a square or an enix game, might have been a Mana game, it was spite based with prerendered background

I was like set the disk speed to fast so loading screens aren’t so bad or maybe it was another setting but it made the game render at like 2x speed

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For the first month of owning a PS2 I didn’t own a memory card and I would speed run rachet and clank 2 going commando as much as I could


same with the sims2 and starwars battle front (one) got one for my birthday

You can guess which game from this Console inspired me to become a furry…


I always wanted to play with the reality engine cpu all by itself. ;-;