Planning on getting anything in particular during Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

Let's just talk about any deals we're hoping to get this season.

I myself have my eye on the CM Quickfire TK with brown switches, and possibly a pair of Superlux HD668B headphones.

Also, who do you think will have the best deals?

I'm hoping to get a motherboard and processor for a htpc. I'm ether aiming for a embedded board like the N3150 or a i3 6100/6320. Still haven't come to a conclusion whether and embedded board world have enough longevity or Would the .2ghz and 1m cache would be worth $35 for the 6100 vs 6320.

I'm just going to let sale prices decide.

I am thinking about buying a new ssd and a monitor arm.

I've got one of these I use as a nas. Haven't had any trouble with it yet. I think the longest I left it running was 140 days without reboot.

What I've always wondered is if the layout for the plastic pins that holds the cpu heat sink on is the same as the layout for a standard heat sink. If it was you could exchange the passive heat sink for one with a fan.

How would it do with things like nvidia/steam game streaming? also some indie games native.

My plan is FX cpu, depending on the offers. I already got a cheap motherboard... Actually I got good motherboard for cheap... So I await the deals of an FX CPUs...

Literally started working on this, this morning. I'll let you know. I'm waiting for the machine to finish installing updates right now.

Seemed to do okay handling the streaming and ran the ui perfectly well. This was on ubuntu launching steam big picture as its own display environment. I couldn't ever get my xbox controller to work right though so I didn't get to play mutch. It was probably because of the drivers I had been using.

Oh also I guess steam OS doesn't work with intell integrated graphics without some fiddling.

I'm hoping to get a samsung 950pro M.2 500 gb and some Sd card thats 128gb anyone find good deals on those let me know

To bad we dont have crazy sale days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday uphere.

I'm guessing that putting a 950 or lower gpu on it would be a waste.

How do you see the longevity of it. Would it sit under my tv for 5-7 without issue?

I'm not sure. If you're not planning on doing anything but streaming on it you might not see any improvement by adding a graphics card.

I am going to be building an entire system from scratch in the next month. I am hoping to be able to pick up some of the components for cheap. I really doubt that I will find much in the way of decent deal. Most stuff that I've seen "on sale" in years past isn't even much lower than the normal price, or it is on stuff that has bad reviews/no use.

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Maybe a ssd or something. I'm not sure, all of my computers have SSDs, not sure what else I can do at this point. Maybe a second 240gb for my new itx build. Last year I got the wife a 8120 but this year I'm set on cpus.

I really don't know.

i wanted to get your mom some nice lingerie


- Hoping to grab some mid-tower silenced case
- a waterblock or closed loop cpu cooling unit
- memory maybe?

everything depends on price, though i have seen amd fury for $489, below 500.

Samsung 850 SSD (500gb)

New mouse...

btw, here's something useful for checking out the price history of an amazon product.

Just paste the product URL into the search and you can see just how good of a deal you're getting.

I'm buying my buddy's gtx titan for 275$. After that, a new mobo for my 2600k, and probably another machine to do something with my 2 MSI 280x's for my girlfriend to have a rig. Also definately getting Fallout 4 and Star wars battlefront, maybe black ops 3 too.

I'm hoping to pick up a good tablet (unfortunately) because I'll be going on a long trip for work near the end of the year and could really use a better more portable media device.