Planning on getting anything in particular during Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

I'm hoping to get a unlocked or an unactivated phone for a decent price cause my screen is dead and i'm a 2-year contract so can't upgrade until may 2017, also maybe upgrade my system cause i'm rocking a 2600k at 4.0 stable with 660 OC from ASUS currently so maybe a 970/980 and 4970k or something along those lines.

I am going to likely get a large 60HZ TV @1080 and 32" to act as a monitor...I am likely also going to realize that it was a horrible Idea, and am going to do it anyway because $120

I'm trying to build my first computer. Hopefully I can get an i5 and gtx 970 / r9 390 but may have to go for a i3 for now. Also looking for an SSD for my mother's old computer.

I've seen this monitor go for that same price, and I can personally say it's a great monitor for the money:

zowie ec2-a my deathadder is slowly dying

For those of you who missed the news, Sandisk has a sale on their Ultra II ssd drives on Amazon.

Yesterday the 960GB was 200$. The 480GB is still 110$, 240GB 70$, 120Gb for 56$.
They might get the 960GB drives back, hopefully they do. Unfortunately for the people don't live in the US, no such sale :(