Pixar Film Production now fully uses Linux and OpenGL ( video )

Real time engine graphics rendering.


never mentions gnu/linux

opengl next step is vulkan
then i will be sincerely impressed

also the last two minutes of the video reminded me of this


Pixar themselves...and they open sourced the code...very very impressive. Man even his laptop is System76...

EDIT: Just realized that a Steve Jobs managed company ended up hardcore Linux supporters...Ironic isn´t it....


Well he is using Gnome, with a Linux laptop.

good for him
if theres no acknowledgement who even cares
not the average joe

somebody tell me how i can get my hands on that o.s

Its just GNOME. Anyone can get it with llinux, many installers have that as an option.

do i have to uninstal my kde plasma 5

Wow, this is a big step to Linux becoming a mainstream production platform, and more Linux users. Now Adobe just needs to get on the bandwagon.


You you can have more then one DE at a time, you just pick which one at login.

i believe there is now a distro that lets you swap them on the fly.

Hm. Pixar has been using Linux for a long time, so dose Weta and the software that comes out of the two studios either was originally made inside Linux and Linux only IE: like The Foundry Mari (was made for avatar) and also Autodesk Maya, Mudbox and MotionBuilder have been used by them for many years now and a lot of the tech that goes into Maya is thanks to Pixar. And they all run OpenGL viewports, like Mari was originally only for Linux and could only be runned on a Quadro before it was made cross-platform. They've been using RedHat with this kinda stuff for years, and a lot of VFX studios are the same, it's just you don't get to see behind the closed doors often.

True. Although the crux of this video was a.) real time rendering of Pixar graphics using their OpenGL renderer on a System76 Linux laptop https://system76.com/ which the graphics looked pretty sweet with some textures applied that is looking quite amazing. The second point was that their software renderer is now fully opensource as is their website technologies.

but yea the industry tends to go with Linux/Redhat for this kind of stuff but it historically has been the back end not the front end.

Pixar has open-sourced a lot of their tech. It's where in 3D P-Tex and Open Sub-div come from, what you'll see common in 3D apps now like Modo, Maya, Max, even Blender. And yea the OpenGL stuff is impressive it usually helps due to the full implementation of it also, and yes it has been on the back end of years in things like render farms, and it also has been used again in VFX on the front end for many years too. I was just getting across it has been this way for a fair few years, it's just rare the average joe gets an inside look into the studios hence why you don't see much coverage of it. But yea, don't get me wrong I'm not trying to be dismissive it is impressive. I just wanted to touch on the Linux note.

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I appreciated it. I wasn't trying to spoon feed , you know more than me it seems which is cool. I sometimes forget a lot of commercial paid software is also available on Linux.

It's just gaming & some peripheral support that is lacking now.

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Hopefully game devs will slowly adopt Linux systems as their main platforms even though that is very hard to see, sadly even with access to game engines such as Unreal and Cryengine (I think), Unity, ect being actually native on Linux, and also like mentioned in the post above 3D software wise Linux is fully capable of being used to create the actual 3D art and animation, same with programming, though I'm not a super expert on that part of production, but usually it's scary for studios because they've build huge pipelines around pieces of software so change is scary and money.

But on a good note, at some point software has to be updated, same with hardware, and if Windows keeps invading privacy, what of course to a games studio, or any type of company with sensitive data it makes a company jittery about using an OS that could collect data on what they're doing. So you never know, there is a glimmer of hope.

what is a DE i'm so confused cause im a total newb. Please explain i thought GNome was the linux distro lol so wait are you meaning desktop environment? can you explain how that works?? Like i'm about to install my first linux. BTW since desktop environment is a thing is there a way to install gnome 3 over windows?

open up a new topic and ask all the questions you'd like to know about and well explain them more. :)

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got you!

Its a commercial thing im sure, but as we have come to sort of expect companies are very cautious to invest in something that has no track record. It is a shame for such an explorative medium as gaming that there aren't more risk takers. If Linux has close to 3 million gamers ( Mac is around 5 million AFAIK and Linux is eating into their share ) then using something like WINE or getting a company to port it in a wrapper is fairly easy. Then there is the even easier approach with Unity and Unreal. Do they really not want 2.8 million potential customers ? how many businesses would turn their noses up at that ? Even valve didn't.

Sometimes i think it really does come down to an out of touch management & shareholder culture within the gaming industry. Everyone owns an Andriod or iPhone, they know about consoles and Windows desktop but Linux even though it is basically underpinning the future of all digital systems can't seem to get enough traction.