PGP Plays: Game Suggestions Here Please!

Hi everybody,
We're PGP, or professionals gaming poorly, and we're looking for games to play in upcoming streams!

Games We've Played:
1. GTA V
2. Rocket League
3. ARK: Survival Evolved (we were absolutely awful at this one...)
4. Broforce

We'll probably be doing some additional GTA streams for sure but we want to hear your suggestions. Post em here or on our subreddit. Thanks!

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Planetary annihilation with teams. It would be hilarious


Well L4D2 is always a good one, plus its 4 player.

Chivalry would be funny.

Payday 2

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The forest.

Borderlands. Just one of them probably 2 but if you have not played the first one then that one.

Edit: I second the L4D2 and Payday 2 completely too.

Oh some racing game too but all I can think of right now is Track Mania Stadium or TM United Forever.but I sure I have some on my list.

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Project Cars
Grey Goo

That's all I can think of at the moment.

Since it's for the purpose of streaming, GTAV is hands down the best I can think of. Though it might be fun to watch you guys play CS:S or CS:GO, L4D2 Versus maybe. Killing Floor 2, also Arma 2/3, especially if people are inexperienced, it could be fun to watch the horror, trying to figure out what's even happening :D

One game that is flying under the radar at the moment is Duck Game, it's on Steam. I think it's pretty epic and with friends one hell of a good time, I think it would fit a stream format really really well. Totalbiscuit reviewed it, it's how I found out about it.

Block N Load. Yes, I know its basically a minecraft fps, but it makes for some hilarious antics.

From what I remember, Zim is actually fairly decent at CS:GO. Not sure if any one else on the team has played it, so I'm sure watching him get frustrated with us would be fairly funny. >_>

Grizzle has mentioned DuckGame a few times, we may do it soon!

CS:GO smurfing is fun, though the moral thing... it's also fairly tough when you are new. But ignoring competitive, there are a lot of other fan made modes out there to play.

Quake Live is an ok choice. Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2 as was suggested above is also a good choice. DogFighter is a decent little aerial combat game that might be worth a try. Another solidly fun game is Awesomenauts:

It's a great 2d platforming multiplayer game. It's sort of a map control/capture the flag type game with stat based power-ups. It's good fun.

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer would be a more ridiculous choice:

It's essentially GTA Online, except with a game more suited to the batshit insane things that will go on.

And lastly, Mount Your Friends is almost disturbingly fun:

If you want something truly ridiculous to stream...



Duck Game


Nidhogg... two people at a time on one PC... with a camera on everyone so we can watch everyone freak out. Best party game ever.


Actually, along with Block N Load, I'd also recommend Depth and Screencheat. All games with some very zany possibilities.

I'd add PayDay: The Heist into the mix as it still has the appeal of the PGP team working together to do a heist, as per PayDay 2 but with a slightly higher chance of them staying alive and with the earlier forms of drilling and securing the loot (etc). However, either would be good to watch.

Also, gotta do an MMORPG at least once. Star Wars and Star Trek would have to be high on the list - nerds nerding out? Yes please.

Oh oh. Hammerwatch, old school 4 player dungeon crawler in 8-bit style and difficult. Or Full Mojo Rampage a modern 4 player dungeon crawler still pretty difficult.

Both fun multiplayer games, Hammerwatch has lots of secrets hidden behind cracks in walls and buttons for extra stuff to do, some puzzles typical of the genre. You pick classes at the start somyou can chose how you want to play. And if you complete the main story dungeon there is steam workshop user created levels.

Full Mojo Rampage has items to power up you character and customisations on how they look and perks for the caharacter can build a team or play how you like fighting style wise. Modern zommed out 3D dungeon crawler.

Edit: Yes Monaco is mayhem 4 player too.

elite dangerous could be fun, maybe not as exciting though unless you get into battles

Dying Light, Speed Runners, CS: GO, BattleBlock Theater

Edit: Age of Empires would be great. Or a Warhammer RTS or something. Nerdy jokes galore.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. Tonight we let the gods decide in the inaugural TeamPGP game selection challenge. Join us around 7:30 EST on beer games beer.