Personal Blog | Rant:30 vs The Tek vs Me Being Greedy

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So... I decided to blog a bit. There were a couple of comments on YT that made me decide to talk to the community. Some asshat in the comments accused us of uploading rant:30 separately so that we could cash in with the YT money. I removed his comment because it was derailing the chat and it was way off topic. It was also way too personal. 

He then said something about how we are doing just fine with our fancy beer and house in the woods... I do want to address this just a bit because if one person thinks it, there are probably others with the same ignorant assumptions.

I am somewhat frugal. This place in the woods is 1/3 the price I was paying for a one room apartment that I was sharing with another person in NYC. It's all location. The beer I drink is less expensive than bud light when you apply my formula: My beer is 3-4 times stronger than bud light. It tastes 20 times better. You can drink fewer beers and not feel as bloated and you can take fewer trips to the bathroom... That's just smart on every level... So drink good beer and don't think someone is well off if they aren't sucking on a Pabst.  I drink a few per week (only really when on beergamesbeer). So, this is not even a blip on the financial radar. 

He also mentioned that I purchase fancy organic food. I purchase food from a local farm. The beets, onions, broccoli are about 1/4 the price they were at Kroger in KY... and those were not even organic. I'm trying to live smart and well and I like going to the source to get my food. I am saving a TON of money on food and I am eating well. My monthly food bill is WAY lower than it was in KY. Also, I have not been out to eat in a couple of months. This means I am saving a lot more loot on food these days. Eating out costs a fortune. Also, we make our own stuff more than we buy pre-packaged stuff. Mayo, ketchup, tortillas, bread... You can make your own out of simple ingredients and save a ton of money... Plus, it tastes better... Maybe we should do some videos on this stuff.

TL/DR for this section: Anyone who thinks it is cheaper to eat junk food and drink bud light is a moron... And I'll be happy to show you the light.

Anyway, the website is paying for itself and I am in search of an editor. After hiring an editor things will be pretty tight until we grow a bit more. We are just at that point now... I don't want to floss my teeth with golden threads. I want to do just well enough to make key people look and say, "What's going on with these nerds in the woods."... I also try to give back as much as possible. This is not a get rich scheme... Anyway, that dude hit a nerve when he accused me of being greedy. Everything has a purpose and there is a balance.

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So, regarding the Rant:30. I started separating those videos because a bunch of people asked me if I could cut out key parts of the video. They said it would be way easier to share. Sending someone a 50 minute video (even with a timestamp) can be scary. So, I think making rant:30 a separate video is a good idea. This same commentor was sooooooo upset that he had to move his worthless ass 3 inches to click past the rant:30 in The Tek. His complaining doesn't bother me... but I do want to ask everyone a question:

Would you rather that I omit any segments that I cut out of The Tek or would you rather they be left in? The bottom line is that if we leave them in you can just watch The Tek and then share the Rant:30 is you think someone might want to see it... Anyway, let me know what you would prefer. I'd just as soon leave it in there because after day 1 viewers consume the content there is no guarantee that a new viewer will watch both videos. So, if a new viewer sees The Tek first I don't want them to miss the Rant:30... that's my take, but let me know if anyone else is upset about having it done this way. I'm happy to listen to the audience... and I'm totally willing to lose a subscriber here and there if it's for the better of the community. I really have no patience when it comes to entitled asshats. 

Not enough asshats to make fun of.

Just put a G+ logo on that hat... and make give it a monocle for faux sophistication... and it will be a masterpiece.

Brilliant plan.

If people keep complaining, you can always make Rant:30 it's own dedicated web series. You could have the Tek, Rant 30, and INBOX.

Real fans of the show watch EVERY video you guys post. So they definitely wont miss anything. They're short, and would be really easy to edit and push out if you have a time restraint or are particularly busy.

Linus on the other hand is sitting on his chaise longue, being hand fed grapes by his many virgin latino maids and laughing at us all.

Put a timestamp so that you can skip the rant 30 and everything should be perfect by my opinion :)
The idea to post a separate rant 30 video is a good one so don't change that!

Else than that, keep up the god work and don't lose spirit! Love the content and the work you guys are doing!

Best regards from Norway!

Stick with your gut man, leave it in. At least that's my humble opinion. As for the asshats, unfortunately we can't line them up for firing squads, no matter how much we'd like to see it, so the other option is to ignore/ban/delete them as their particular form of venom is repugnant and just not wanted.

Just my cent and a half.

If people know the RANT:30 is taken from the main Tek video and it's such a hassle to what the same segment twice, then don't watch the RANT:30 separately just wait for the full Tek Video DUH !!!!  

Ii see no reason for anything to change, keep up the great work :0) 

Leave the rant:30 in. any one who complains about having to move ones cursor 3-4 cm is simply lazy. however it would be a nice service if you were to put a timestamp, or what's it called, in the discription to aid the skipping.

Things are fine the way they are, I personally like having both The Tek and Rant:30, because I don't always have time to watch an entire Tek episode. In any case, haters gonna hate, trolls and idiots will always find ways to throw shit regardless of what you do. 

You can't make everybody happy. I like separate video's throughout the week better than 1 big tek at the end.

I'd prefer to see a separate RANT:30, not included in 'The Tek' (no doubling - that shit's for cable TV).  Either way, keep up the hard work.

Also, more semi-random videos, like sharing your favorite (healthy) recipes or how you customize tech to suit your life, etc.. are welcome too, so long as you make it concise and can put it into context for your core audience  :)

Lastly, awesome job on the Attenborough impersonation/filming.  Nailed it!

I don't have any qualms with splitting The Tek and Rant:30. The separate Rant:30 videos do well to add extra emphasis to topics that are in need of highlighting, and offer much utility as a result. 

I have a lot of issues wit this. For one, even if you did make Rant 30 it's own video JUST so you can make profits from ads who gives a shit? You're running a business and need to make money to support yourself. That's not being greedy, that's being smart. I'd much rather have you separate the videos out so that you can make more profits than you be forced to take other means of making money that would actually compromise your content. Second, I like that you have been splitting them up. Like you mentioned, a 50 minute video is intimidating, and I am a fan of the Tek, but even for me it's sometimes intimidating to start watching the Tek because I know at times I can't afford to just sit back and watch the Tek sometimes between my school work, job, and household duties. So a bit off topic but I would appreciate if you did the notes like Linus' live stream so you can skip around and watch certain parts of the show. Not to say that it all isn't worthy content, but if you can only afford to watch 10 minutes at a time or so it's easier to keep track of that way. 

On it

I am new to the community, but I really enjoy the content, especially the cooking video. As for Rant:30, it's fine the way it is. Makes sharing a whole lot easier, and if those people I share with want to see the full Tek, then there you go.

This is silly drama Logan. You guys really do a ton for this community. You are my goto site for technology news and I really have zero negative comments about what you guys are doing and are trying to accomplish. This is a great site and I definitely wouldn't change the videos. I would like to see somehow the social side of the site change. Like as in more of a "live" newsfeed. I know thats probably some major work but Keep on Going Strong guys!


I talk to Linus a bit... He works really hard (at least as hard as I do) and he has a larger staff. He works hard for them as well as his fans.