Personal Blog | Rant:30 vs The Tek vs Me Being Greedy

I think you should keep Rant:30 in and provide a timestamp to skip to it. Making it a whole video in itself is a bit overkill. Also you would probably get even more trolls saying things like "you just want more ad revenue so you're making it a different video". 

I always watch The Tek and I love the rant:30 part, so I like it to be included in the video. If you post a separate video of the rant:30 I already watched, I won´t watch it again. And I don´t know anyone to share it with, since most people I know don´t speak/understand english.

That said, I think it's a good idea to the ones who want to share that part. But even if you were doing it just to get some extra money, since some people don´t like to watch long videos, I'd say it's a good idea.

More money to you, means more and better videos for us. Better beer for you means funnier videos for us. More woods... more clean air.

I would definitely watch those videos if you made them.

I like the timestamp idea. The only other thing you could possibly do is cut each tech video into separate parts which if you're watching on the computer is inconvenient but if you're watching on something like a phone or tablet I can see that being helpful. Basically you could have the main tek video "uncut" with timestamps in it for people who watch on the pc and for people on mobile devices it can be the same video just cut into separate parts.

Personally, When a Tek video comes out it's like my news for the week. I grab a plate after work and sit on my couch and watch the whole thing through, no matter how long it is. If I don't have time, I watch it another day. That being said, I enjoy watching it even if it's sometimes nonsense or off topic, because I agree with the perspective that you are reporting from and it's funny as hell. I don't care if you report about stove top stuffing from the 1970s. As a generally intelligent individual, I understand that you have to make money, and yes I notice some frugal activities, constantly promoting your album, corsair, MSI etc, but without these things the channel wouldn't exist. It's not intrusive and not forced upon me, so no harm done. I don't mind either way about the separate videos. The more the better. That being said, this commenter I'm sure is a nobody who hates on everyone. Probably just covetous about the success of the channel. Hurt people hurt people.

I think that it's a good idea for you to separate RANT:30 from episodes of The Tek.  Especially when I want to send something to one of my "not-so-technology-oriented" friends, I don't have to say "Oh, just skip to (insert random time) and then stop watching at (insert another random time) so you won't get confused, or just watch the whole thing, I don't care." 

you cant please very 1 mate. some will like it some wont. but some will always just be jerks.

i noticed you did it last week with webisode 83 and i didnt mind.

thing is i shared the tek episode but didnt share the rant 30, reason being in rant 30 it can be a little abrasive, but while is integrated into a tek episode its given context where viewers can see you dont run around with a tin foil hat on... to new viewers who dont know your style may think your up your own without the prefix of the rest of the episode..

as for the asshat... who cares what he thinks. you guys have to make a return on your time and effort so fuck him... (scuze the french) 

Is this good?

Logan, I am fine with Rant:30 being in the Tek, infact I didn't even skip watching the same Rant:30 I had already seen as the entire video flows better by just letting it play. I generally watch most YouTube videos from people that I am subscribed to when they are released so watching the same video twice in like one day doesn't bother me. Keep up the good work mate.

Damn you. If only I didn't have to communicate with people I would've made that first.

The way it is now is great. Leave Rant 30 in as always. :)

Alright, I do not know the details behind this comment, I just have a general idea from the blog post. So, some internet troll goes all personal on you, and you respond by writing five paragraphs (or a wall of text) about your choices and your budget. I have to ask, why would you even do that? Why would this random internet troll be worth your precious time and attention? To make things worse, this troll not only got his attention, but he also got his attention from a, let's say, fairly well known youtuber in the tech community.

me two... i often sit with me supper (late everning meal for you none geordies) and have a much while i watch. 30-45mins is perfect for it...

I'm not as an asshat, but I was compelled to read the entire post.  I would definitely appreciate those food videos.  It was entertaining learning how to prepare that squash dish.

I put in the mustache for added high-class.

you forgot the penis for a nose to represent a dickhead.

I would love to see cooking videos like that considering I just moved out on my own about a year ago and still trying to get my feet grounded so I would love develop good habits like that to save money and still eat well. :)

Also keep rant:30 in The Tek because I don't have cable, and don't plan on getting it, so I watch Netflix, Amazon, as well at YouTube on my TV. Currently I have a Roku and YouTube is not supported natively so I have to stream it from my Plex server, whose menu is cumbersome. Although I plan on upgrading my setup a bit sometime soon to fix these issues, I believe that people who watch YouTube on televisions are become more abundant and generally don't want to be clicking around 5 minute videos all the time.

Asshats only, my friend.

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I have no doubt that professional youtubers work incredibly hard, I just wanted to poke fun,

Back on topic though, my two cents is that rant 30 could be completely dropped from the Tek and become it's own series and as others have mentioned it would make sharing quite convenient.

Logan should use this as the Icon for the Blog post.