PC randomly boots and wakes up

Ok, so I've had my PC for about a month now, and it will randomly boot up and wake from sleep. It doesn't seem to do it at any particular intervals. I have disabled the mouse from waking my PC and I have fiddled in the Device Manager with my ethernet controller to ensure that it couldn't wake my PC. Yet, I am still having issues. Does anybody know a fix for this?


Does your hardware support wake on LAN or something similar that could be triggered?

The ethernet controller had a setting for that and I disabled it.

I am on Windows8.1 and if I plug my keyboard and/or mouse into a usb3 port the slightest touch will turn on my PC. 

WoL (Wake on LAN) might also be enabled in your BIOS/UEFI too.

But, assuming this is all Windows...

I'd be looking at power settings and anything like Windows Media Center (not to be confused with Windows Media Player) and that it's not trying to wake the system up in order to record something like a TV show. Another similar offending app might be your system updates settings too.

But if you just can't figure it out there is the DOS command: "powercfg -lastwake" that might give a clue as to what woke the system.

Hope it helps.


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It may not be a setting, per se.  I had one computer that would turn on if there was a static discharge nearby.  I would shuffle around in my socks and then touch a light switch and *zap* my computer woke up.  Kinda weird, but fun.

Relating to your problem though: make sure it's grounded properly?  Unplug the ethernet for a while and see if that helps?


Since this needs clarification, I am using Windows 7.

I've never configured Windows Media Center so I don't think it would attempt to record a TV show. I will try that command out and report back.

is the condensation control or defrost (not sure which) on in the bios?

It's not cold enough for condensation so I assume no.

I have the exact same problem when I put my sysem to sleep. It hasnt been doing it for 6 months but then I installed my 2 SSD's and just the other day it started booting on sleep again. Would love to know what it is. I believe disabling the windows wake command worked for me last time. I have a feeling its windows update but last night it booted twice with no update available so i dont know.

What motherboard are you using?


In addition to update you could look at other scheduled tasks such as defrag or virus scanning.

Gigabyte 970A-UD3P

I typed in powercfg /lastwake and cmd told me that Windows Media Center was attempting to update.

I wiped out my PC and upgraded to Windows 10. This is still happening! Please help me. The "powercfg -lastwake" command doesn't work like it did in Windows 7.

Is it an E-Machines PC running Windows 95? Thats the last and only time I've ever had that problem lol.

No, it is my custom built PC (build list on my profile) with Windows 10.

Must be the motherboard. Have a gigabyte AM3+ motherboard and my computer would do that too sometimes.

Windows 10 here.

It must be a bios issue then

This is happening en Win10 as on Win7 with no human intervention and at random intervals?

Happened to me, same board, that I put my PC to sleep, the turn the speakers off and the PC would Wake...
Maybe something to look into...
Can a device other than your mouse or keyboard be interfering? A controller maybe?