PC i slower on new Samsung 850 pro SSD

So I just recently replaced my old 64GB SSd with this new Samsung one and apparently it's more or less the best one out right now, except now my PC starts in about 20-30 seconds, not 7 like it used to.


I couldn't clone the original SSD to the new one so I just fully re-installed.


Any ideas?

if its a new install let it bed in.

Indexing and other optimization stuff is most likely running in the background.


It was a new install about a week ago though.

Have you tryed running a benchmark to see how fast the drive is. Have a look through divice manager and see if the Sata controller is using the proper driver.

It might seem silly to ask this, but are the sata ports set on AHCI in the bios ?

  1. What size  is the 850 Pro SSD
  2.  and what was the make and model of the 64GB drive

And if the 850 PRO is at least 128GB it has a ten year warranty. 
  1. drive is a dud
  2. hardware assigned driver issue
  3. borked install, try linux perhaps just for testing

do benchmarks - asssd, tunehd etc. compare to reviews if less than by a moderate margin rma it. Even try the drive in another system. Even if you're in doubt rma it.

If your benchmark comes back and there isn't a throughput issue then it sounds like something going wrong at startup.  Check your BIOS settings.  Are any messages displayed at boot?  For example the only 6Gbps SATA controller on my board has to do its own I/O test on startup and displays a message similar to this for 6-7 extra seconds:

How do you check that? haha

What software do you recommend?

Might sound odd. Have you run windows experience rating this. Windows might not know it is an SSD and is treating it like a mechanical, excessive writes and defragging.

Yeah did actually, just recently, I got 7.8 so i'm pretty sure it knows it's an SSD haha.. well at least I hope so :o

I really hope that I don't have to RMA it coz that'd be such a huge pain.

you made me cringe when I read defragging .... wooah ...  there it is again   ...  lol

  1. check your bios settings 
  2. see if there are firmware updates for the SSD or mobo chipset
  3. use quality cables  ... both power and data ... not just some you had in the shed
  4. reseat the cables to the MB and the SSD and your other drives while your there

And for anyone that does not know ... never defrag an SSD  ... you never know  ... I may have just saved someone with that.   lol

EDIT ... I know  ... I spend alot of time talking to  people that think all tablets are iPads  ... sorry if I offend

Dam B ... I put pcpartpicker on NZ and holy shit ... I feel bad for ya

selection and prices suck!

Well the AHCI or whatever thing maaay be the issue but i don;t think it is seeing as I can't even find the option for it.

I've updated my SSD and Motherboard

I am using the cable that came with my motherboard that I've been using the whole time for the past year so they're fine.

I'll restart now and see if anything has changed, I have a bad feeling that I might just have to RMA it :(

Haha yeah it is pretty bad ay D:

Here is a great disk utility by a Co. ATTO



Atto is a good one for just showing speed. And if you want to go more in depth then give HDD tune a try. I think the drive may be a bad one as you had an SSD the was fine alredy in the system with no problems. 

Was messing around with a rig with two GTX 980's yesterday and then checked the price. 1k each reference cooler and that was on special. Then checked 970 and it way 850. Yeep. We get screwed over here.

i just checked and they are.