Pc Gaming

Alright got my new gaming pc feeling good. 

WOW these guys are way better than console players, aim with a mouse is way different than a controller!

Everyone else seems to be able to get headshots and do fancy maneuvers that I can't :/ 

I swear I'm aiming right at the guy but my mouse goes right past him.

Oh whats this ? You need to disable mouse acceleration? Which makes it harder to aim, why isn't it already disabled? Oh whats this? You can only have the mouse pointer speed on 6 or else you still get acceleration, makes sense. Oh guess my laser mouse has some hardware acceleration and prediction, got a new mouse still kinda hard to aim, oh I have to overclock one of my usb ports to make my mouse run at 1000hz?  ok , hmm my aim is still a little off , oh I still have to enable fucking raw input and disable acceleration IN THE GAME, oh and apperantly high dpi and low senitivity is best.

But getting to some jump spots is still kinda hard, oh I have to put my keyboard into a ps2 port and make it run at 1000hz so I can press all the keys at once.

Seems like people can see me before I can see them, oh I have to get a 120hz+ monitor 

People seem to know were I am all the time, I bought this sweet headset but it seems like they can hear me better. Oh I have to buy a soundcard / do bios voodoo to unlock better onboard sound. and then buy a true 5.1 surround sound headset. 

lets hope I don't have any cpu or gpu troubles like frame latency or lag spikes 

I should have know to do all this stuff the second I starting gaming on the pc -_-



Same controller wired/wireless = around 30ms differance

Headset yes/no

any monitor over 60hz doesn't really matter 


So you've had your new PC one day and you can't get headshots?

You make me laugh. Do you know what a learning curve is?

you'll get better with time and practice.

Classic ID-10-T    error.

Welcome to hardcore gaming 


You're just not used to actualy needing skill to play a game. Don't worry. You'll get it.

most of that is consoleitus. yes you sometimes have to take all them steps with a mouse and keyboard but in reality most of it is done the day you get em and set em up.


This was an example of pretty much everyone's intro to pc gaming. 


My first intro into pc gaming, Gotham City Imposters and I gave up after 45 minutes.



Should help you out with the Windows acceleration bs. 

You have to get really good with your mouse and aiming and all that stuff I played 10days of bf3 on the xbox and was really good at it.  Came to pc it took me about 50hours of gameplay to get my aim good enough to were I was as good as I was on the xbox.

* Should 

Huh. So I've been playing with mouse acceleration on through windows all this time. I installed the software rnzu suggested, my performance in-game has not improved much, but I do feel a slight difference. Are any of the other things the OP was ranting about worth doing?

Google is your friend

Markc mouse accel fix

get dat 1000hz polling rate :  HIDUSBF

make sure (pray) the game you like to play has a raw input option which you will probably have to google a console command for because for some reason it isn't enabled by defualt 

Or you could just get a cheap razr mouse that uses 1000hz polling rates. 

You are used to playing games against kids that get their parents to buy them games like bf3 because they are too young to buy them. p.s they are not that good (some call them christmas noobs because most of them get these FPS games at christmas and they are noobs)

My entry into PC FPS gaming:

  • Build a good mid range gaming PC.
  • Don't cheap out and buy a $10 wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Buy a cheap FPS from Steam.
  • Check PC Gaming Wiki for any fixes for common problems.
  • Set up game to maximise FPS and have a comfortable FOV.
  • Play game and enjoy it.
  • Learn maps while playing and get better at the game.

Optional step:

  • Go back to console gaming for an afternon at a friends house and feel like you're playing wearing boxing gloves and your in game character is running in syrup.

Tell you what be a pc gaming your entire life like I have been and try playing with a controller with FPS. I even have problems with car and platform games. Once you learn on one platform you become better with it over time. Stick to the mouse and keyboard and you will become better. Like everyone above has said.




I 100% agree with this. I have basically never used a controller of any kind. Only keyboard and mouse.

I found it ridiculous on how Super Meat Boy said its way better with a controller. It took me 3+ hours to actually learn how to play better compare how I did with the keyboard. I also tried Dustforce and I saw it as impossible on a controller. And I cant even imagine how's aiming in FPS.

Controllers in my opinion take more skill to use , especially in fps, like I said half of aiming good with a mouse is figuring out the matrix, with a controller it's who ever has practiced the most