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PC G5 - Mac G5 Case Mod Project


What colors should I paint this thing? I’m thinking black base with white mesh, but then again may do this as a side thing, so maybe something more colorful I can sell later on for money and finance my next super stupid idea…



Black, with a banana over the apple logos with an odd smiley face on it

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Audi sport colors: red, black, grey.

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Even more nope… Red and black is total no for me…

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Some dark-ish (almost black) satin finish grey and glossy light-grey for the mesh maybe?
Along the lines of so:





Go and buffer it. These cases look SICK when completely reflective.



It is aluminium. Untreated aluminium will pick up finger prints and dust from miles away.

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Ploish + clear coat. I wouldn’t dare paint one myself. It’d ruin it IMO.

I really like these cases.



you could electrostatic spray paint it so the outer coat lasts



Or anodize it! You can anodize even in colour.



Thats brilliant.

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Hah just because itnis my own plan for my case…

Yellow base with white grey and black accent colours.

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And name it bumblebee or honeybee or the beehive…

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I always liked bumblebee over megan fox :slight_smile: I’d rather have the car :stuck_out_tongue:



Today I was at a store… Found a primer, that is metallic color and works on alumin(i)um. Had no yellow color at all… Guess I have to go and check at specialty store for paint and stuff like that. May also need to get some tools as well… But before that I’m thinking of getting the mining frame and see what I can do with it.
Also gonna check for a plexiglass for a window… Gonna sandwich it between the side panel mounting frame and the side panel itself, so I don’t have to use any adhesive or anything…



i recommend using the mac side panel mounting hardware as it is pretty dam good plus riveting/screwing some acrylic to a cut in the panel is doable like a sandwich with a rubber gasket on the cut

this is ez mode just 4 post acrylic side

this you cut and sandwich this one is a bit more fancy with making the side panel flush and not a rubber gasket. this one keeps the side panel mounting hardware that came with the case



Oh yeah, I’m not changing that. I’m actually gonna use the bracket on the inside of the panel to hold the plexi.

The bracket is gonna hold the acrylic in place.

I’m literally planning to cut a large opening in the middle where the bracket surrounds it, so it can squeeze the acrylic and I don’t have to glue or screw the window - the mounting bracket will both hold the acrylic and mount the panel to the case.

PS: yes, just like the second image… That is the look I’m going for.

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Ugh. You got me looking on craigslist again.

I already have four, I don’t need any more. I already have four, I don’t need any more.

Oh, and if you’re looking at painting, I’d suggest something called “self-etching” primer. It’s more meant for automotive painting, but it comes in a regular spray can usually. Works very well for painting metal items. I’d also be very careful painting the mesh, too many coats will reduce the hole size probably more than expected.

Personally, I’m sort of planning on getting one of the cases I have hard anodized. Costs more, but it’ll look nicer and be much more scratch resistant. I’ll probably paint a lot of the smaller and internal parts.

I like your idea for the side window. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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Oh, the Mac Pros are nice cases… It was 3 times more expensive than the G5… I may have made a mistake, cause the pros are so much easier to mod. The back IO is nicer, you don’t have to relocate fans, you can basically keep the internal skeleton and just replace the hardware…
Oh well… I got the G5…
Maybe if I get a Pro, replace the front panel so there is only one optical drive bay and use the rest of the Pro and the idea will get so expensive it’s pointless…



Yeah, the Pros are expensive here, too. I think I got the two I have now for a bit more than what those six G5s are at. And that was a couple years ago.

Also, wow:

A ton of good ideas in that thread.

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