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PC G5 - Mac G5 Case Mod Project


So excited…

I found really cheap Mac G5. It arrives tomorrow at some point.
I really like the case, the open mesh front, the solid alumin(i)um construction, the simple look…
And to be fair I really need to thinker with something.

So here is the plan.

Step 1: I will gut the system. Take out everything to the point I can paint the case, so basically take everything apart.
Step 2: ATX board conversion. The idea is to get a cheap ass mining frame and use the motherboard tray from it. I’m gonna use the standoffs from the original board to mount the motherboard tray. There are no dedicated modding stores here so I have to do whatever I can with whatever I have.
Step 3: back panel ATX conversion. I honestly have no earthly clue how I’m going to do that. I have an idea to simply remove the back panel and cut an IO opening and PCIe opening. Basically use the GPU mounting bracket from the mining frame as a PCIe mounting bracket. Not really sure about that but I will see. The last resort is buying a second hand case and riping the back panel off of it.
Part 4: finding a place for all the hardware. I have an idea for the PSU, but I’m not entirely sure if it will fit. I have some cable management ideas, that requires me to disassemble the Mac PSU and use the case from it. I also have some ideas for HDD and SSD mounting using the same enclosure, but that is in the realm of wishful thinking.

I’m not planning on buying anything more than some sort of rotory tool, be it Dremel sort of thing or a small drill machine that I can use for both drilling and eventually cutting.

I also am toying with the idea of installing a window on the side panel, but that is just an idea…

Will update and publish pictures as soon as I have some progress…



Remember to take photos/video of what goes where. Tape, bags/boxes and labels also help to keep things together.

In my project, I used an mATX tray by DimasTech. The only two problems: find a retailer that has those as DimasTech does not sell them seperatly and getting M3 standoffs (as the tray does not have the ATX-standard threads).
The cheap mining frame is probably “easier”.

So you basically need these two?

Link to 75€, not sure if they ship to whereever you are.

Self stick velcro and cable ties?

Having brought a Dremel, it is a very noisy and slow process. The one plus it gets is that it allowes “dive cutting” without drilling a hole prior.

A jigsaw and two metal files (flat and round) are a better idea.
The best would be a scroll saw as they allow relatively good precision (my dad has one, awesome tool).

I am hyped!



I am not really planning to use any of the original hardware…

The price of a test bench is higher then the entire project…

Oh yeah. That’s the goal - cheap and easy.


Not really. What meant was I don’t know if I can fit the ATX PSU where I want it - replacing the original hard drive cage. If not I would have to place it in the front and I want a dual 120s or 140s in the front. And since Apple have an optical drive bay I can’t have triple 140s…

That is a given… Absolutely no way I’m doing this without those tools. Im not buying anything super specialized …

You have no idea…



Maybe TFX or SFX instead? That will make fitting it somewher easier.

DimasTech is super expensive, I know.

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I bought a gold rated Seasonic last year… I’m not replacing it…

No, I found other brands… All of them are crazy expensive…

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Ooooh, a Mac case mod project. I started one on here a year or two ago, but had to stop to focus on other stuff. I’ve have four G5 cases and two Mac Pro cases. All are completely gutted except one of the Pros. I sold a bunch of the parts on Ebay.

In my research for conversions and ideas I found a place called The Laser Hive. They have a ton of stuff for these cases.

I think they are in the UK, no idea if they ship to where you are.

Looking forward to what you come up with! Good luck!



I have ordered from the laser hive before great people and top notch stuff :ok_hand:

The conversion kits have the back panel and mobo plate in the kit I also would recommend the usb3 front panel conversion kit too

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Ah, yeah, I forgot to mention that…
I have a brand new front panel for my Fractal Design Arc Midi R2… My fan controller died so I asked Fractal and they sent me an entire front IO panel. So basically I have everything I need for that…

Eastern Europe is pretty far from the hive…



I mean across the pond, and half way across the country… is farther but you know.
Nice on the front panel :+1: there are some nice kits.

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So the case is here…
I decided on a name for the build - PC G5…
I’m surprised how large it is… Also heavy, but after I gut it out it may not be as heavy…
Anyways, I’m still looking at it with awe and respect… For now…




those are HEAVY see if you can salvage the rads i can link some of the fan pinouts if you wanna save em

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Why is that an “ohhhhhh shieettft” thing?
I am not going to break any of the hardware. Everything I will save and try to re-sell…
I will only destroy the case…



Did you try and boot it up? Just for shizzles…

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The old owner forgot the password to bott the OS. He assured me it is working. I haven’t turned it on. I want to make a few shots and then take it apart…



hack it

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I wanted to do this to a G5 forever but never could justify the cost of those cases. But one time I’ve found a Yosemite G3 for 11 Euros on ebay and hacked this computer into a Phenom II machine which is still sitting under my desk in some state of decay.
The G5s and original Mac Pros design aged really well.

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Alreadying eyeing up an allegedly broken G5 that seems like the case is intact.

Looks like liquid damage, Pretty sure this one had a liquid cooling system.



Oh that is a dual G5… I wanted one of those. The cover can be split in half and be used for a lot of other stuff like cable management cover plate or whatever…



The chips that are under water cooling are still really valuable.

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Keep an eye out at recycle centers.

Also, you can demand a lower price for rust.

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