***pc build help***

i know this isn't the hardware forum but nobody is ever there and when someone is helpful, they immediately get offline. and i thought this forum would fit because i'm building a gaming rig.



this is my first pc gaming rig build. what do you think? comments? suggestions? am i missing anything? should i swap something out? i'd like to keep the price down as much as possible.

i got everything from newegg because i'm using my mom's credit card and she only wants to order from 1 place.

I'm fairly solid on how to put everything together once i get my shipment, however i am terrified that i will forget to purchase something and i will be unable to build it. please help ._.

I was wondering if i should grab this MOBO instead of the micro atx. my case supports full atx, and i'm probably going to crossfire later on, which isn't supported by the micro atx.   http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asrock-motherboard-990fxextreme4

Build looks ok

If you want to xfire at any point you will need the atx board and I would go for a 600/650w psu

Why not let us know your total budget and see if we can come up with the best bang for buck build for you


so this would be fine for a crossfire at some point? 

could you help me with the psu?

what is your budget? and is it AUD, or USD

USD...didn't know there were a lot of aussies here lol.

try and aim for around 605, what my build costs. give yourself about 20 bucks for leway, and dont worry about shipping everything will be off of newegg so it's free. thanks man.

Logan is about to (I think) release a sweet 500 USD build guide - can you wait a few weeks?

And yes there are a lot of aussies here - we try and bring a little culture to the rest of the world :P

I would really prefer to buy the parts as soon as possible before my mom changes her mind or something. 

who's logan? heard of him but don't know who he is.

what about his build is going to destroy mine? why is everybody waiting for it..

I would think that that board would be fine for crossfire

Logan is the creator of this wonderful/helpful website. :) 

I found it amazing how he found this website without knowing who Logan is. All this means is that the website is growing and the word is going around.

And that is a beautiful thing.

I was also looking to build a pc with a gtx 780 I wanted to know if I should wait a little or just build it now and what parts would best compliment this card. also I'm will try to overclock the card but not the CPU so an overclocking orientated PC would be useless to me. The PC is mostly for games, and slight video editing and rendering. If possible could you include a good capture card but that it is not necessary, it's more like a reference for me and if possible could you recommend good websites where I can order the parts. Thanks for your time.

Mr Estrit what is your budget?


Why you opened 4 topics?




There is no need to open so much topics. i will close those other ones, and leave this open.!

But next time keep everything at one topic please

Grtz Angel


i tried to keep the topics down but nobody would comment on them telling me what not to do or to do.

i'm days away from ordering and time is running out for me to find out if i've made a mistake or not.

i understand that, but you can allways bump your topic up.

The build you made doesn´t look bad for that lower budget. i would say pick up the Corsair CX600 psu its on the same price, but its atleast 80+ bronze certified.

for the rest, for that budget, it looks fine to me, if you temption to overclock then pickup the Asus M5A97 R2.0 board  better powerphase 4+2 and  digi vrm. you will get arround 600 dollars then.

me commenting on my own post until someone else saves me from my misery? lol sounds like fun.

your computer was built for fucking Zeus. ridiculous.

Better than making 5 threads and spamming the forums with the basically the exact same question. :p

what do you care, you didn't help me.