***pc build help***

Let's just calm down, I was just stating my opinion. Also, you got perfectly good help before I even saw the topic, or all 5 for that matter.

no i didn't, some commented and never commented again. it was like someone raising their hand for a high 5, then when you go for it then put their hand down and walk away.



Also, i was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on a wireless network adapter, as i am unable to run a landline to my rig.

could u stop spamming the forum? maybe the reason people dont comment is because your spamming the forum and its annoying

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in what way am i trolling

Your general rudeness and incessant spamming aside, chimera, I think you have a good budget build there.

I personally still use the 965 in a rig, and it runs smooth and cool. Of course I have a different GPU, but the CPU is still solid and competitive. If you get some financial wiggle room on the GPU, the Radeon HD 7790 is only $20 more (after rebate) right now and is a massive performance boost over the 7770.

As a couple others said, try for a better PSU. You won't need more than 500W right now, but the day you want to upgrade you'll be kicking yourself for not having more power. I suggest a 550W or higher, just for future upgrading and tweaking.

Finally, in response to MysteryAngel on overclocking: considering the build is with the stock cooler the voltage and power delivery won't matter; as the user would hit a thermal wall way ahead of the voltage wall (1.475v). That being said, I managed 4.1GHz on an 880G+ board with the stock cooler before it really began to touch the higher temps.


TL;DR Lighten up a bit, and nice build. Have fun with it.

it doesnt really matter but lets go for $3,000 give yourself a nice overhead and sorry for the late reply i never recieved a notification from this post.