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Patreon Killing it Self off With its Decision to De-Platform Those They Don't Like?


Really? Other than the not-an-alt-righter, who else have they banned?


That’s the thing. These rules don’t exist. That’s the issue.

And your right about it being their choice to do as they wish. It is their choice. The argument isnt that they shouldn’t be allowed, the argument is that they shouldn’t (that they of their choice) for the better of society, and that the way they do things is incompatible to a lot of people. So people are rightfully so taking there money away.

Patreon wont change their rules because doing so would discourage people using their platform, and im willing to bet they are well aware of this. They aren’t banning people they like. This isnt a “hate speech” issue, its an opportunity for them to push their political agenda in part, and please their far left leaning sides.

Parteon have made it clear (links above), that they have no intention of applying rules fairly and consistently. They have said this themselves. They will enforce rules on a case by case basis, and their decisions will be arbitrary.




Requires research on your end, don’t just read the first comment please, they go into context of what he said and why he said it as well as others that were banned.

LOL. The day I use Reddit as a fraking source… Hell froze over?


Yes, absolutely. I’m just remarking I feel like that’s a fair part of the free market feedback loop. For example:

YouTube and their advertisers (large corporations) wanted to either: sell more stuff and thought that controversial content was bad for that, or simply wanted to engage in social engineering, and so they used their financial power to manipulate creators.

Ergo, people decided to give their money more directly to creators by using Patreon, to solve that problem. OK, system is working as intended. But then, Patreon decides that they don’t want to do that anymore, like YouTube they’re either deciding to engage in social engineering themselves, or feeling pressure from corporations they rely, and therefore they decide to curate content, just like YouTube did.

So, to me it’s the same exact problem as we had with the adpocalypse. Financial pressure being used to mimic social pressure in an attempt to censor. Until we solve that problem, we’re going to run in circles. I guess what I’m trying to point out is that it doesn’t matter why they censored. If we pick and choose which censorship we support and which we don’t, we will keep running into this. What they did is undesirable simply because they censored. We’ve used the free market to solve this problem before, and we can do it again.


I was actually being facetious, I read the news so I knew they banned Milo, who is much higher profile than this not-an-alt-right guy. Yes, all these banned people were far-right or alt-right. But they all used hate speech or were tied to hate groups too. Funny how those things seem to pair together. Like chocolate and peanut butter.

That said, if there was some lefty guy advocating violence, he should have been banned too. They need to apply the rules fairly.


I don’t know why people care about companies committing suicide. Someone else will learn from their mistakes and take their place. If not, then they weren’t that important anyway. It’s just like the recent Tumblr decision IMHO.


People hate change. Patreon was a nice little hovel to communicate with your favorite content providers, see updates, and make generous donations, as well as win some swag.

Now we need another system, with another login, with another account, with another PayPal/Bank link, on and on.


Well, the way things are looking, that’s unlikely.


Correct Sargon is a centerist.

because Youtube and Facebook have both commited “suicide” but we’re still stuck with them.


“We learn from history that we do not learn from history.”
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel


Can be done with a subreddit or a forum like this one and PayPal.

With YouTube, sure. For now. But no one really needs to use Facebook. And they shouldn’t.


That’s… hilarious, but lets not get into that again. He’s sure as hell a racist.

This link hasn’t been posted in the thread yet. It’s Patreon’s response. It includes his full comments with context.


I said this already somewhere. We need a GPL like thing for a company. Something that will prevent it from being able to move away from a set of core standards.

Something lke the financial banking standards but to keep basic rights of use.

You shall not discriminate against any payment without court order


They’ll get the court order, lol. In my opinion, we need to replace the system entirely. Trying to fix it is going to be too difficult. There’s too much rent seeking from the likes of PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, lobbyists and legislators. The only way we’ll have true autonomy from paid influence is if we get rid of the checkpoints and develop a system that allows value transfer directly between two parties with no middlemen. I.e. crypto, but that actually works to buy stuff with.


Of the limited things i’ve seen him in, I don’t think i’ve seen him discriminate, show prejudice, or think his “race” is superior. But yeah, maybe thats another topic.


you just posted in quotations what he said sounds to me like he’s aiming a racists gun back in their face

do you now see the issue with platforms making these kinds of decision? because you and I for a fact will NOT agree on this which is why corporations should NOT take part in this shit.


Did you read the quote?


That is a start. :+1: Now please be fair to yourself and keep the context in mind.
To be clear, I do not condone anything he says there (far from it) but I hope you see that you are have been drawing an arbitrary line up until now.


The context is that guy saying racist shit to fellow racists.