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Patreon Killing it Self off With its Decision to De-Platform Those They Don't Like?


No… no you don’t actually, you don’t have to prove shit, All it takes is them not agreeing with you and game over.


Ahh yes, the slippery slope argument.


I’m not sure Ryan’s that good of an actor :rofl:


Sounds like Patreon needs to add this to their TOS. Not sure why they are unwilling to do that.

If it is in the TOS, I have no issue with them throwing people off of Patreon. The way they are doing it right now is just plain stupid.


I didn’t watch all the videos and such, but I read up on this a bit and the story is that the guy used the N word in a stream. His defense is he said “white N words” to insult his fellow alt-righters for being thugs rather than the erudite racists he hoped they would aspire to be, so he wasn’t actually denigrating black people directly, and thus it wasn’t racism or hate speech and shouldn’t violate their TOS. That seems like a pretty flimsy argument to me.


that is incorrect.


For exactly the reason you stated. Then people would be able to read and return the rules to patreon and debate their cancelation. They clearly don’t want this so keep everyone in the dark, that way they can do and say what they like and there is no backup to pull them on.


Which is one that has to be addressed, especially outright refusal to update TOS with what they deem as something that will get you booted or even telling you what will get you booted.


I’m certain Patreon already had hate speech in their TOS.


This is imaginary in the first place, in today’s terms.


Anyone who says the N word isn’t hate speech in the terms it was used here is themselves a racist.


Bold statement, let’s not get into it here though.


Crass? Yes. Anything else? To be honest, not really, it just wasn’t a very good retort and maybe ill judged. Even so, even lets say it was deliberately racist, it still wasn’t against any of patreons terms. They said they did it based on something he did on their platform, not only did he not do anything on their platform, he didn’t do it on any of his channels that were funded though the use of patreon.

they suggested they tried to work with him to fix it but this also wasn’t the case, they banned him first, then emailed him to say he was banned. There was no fix or warning.

They allow the use of works like that and others on their platform for other people.

And again, while they have terms, they have specifically stated more than once that its on their platform. They don’t police outside their platform, except when they decide they want to (from the conversation that was released that they wanted kept private).

Call me a racist if you like…


So then the problem is that he used hate speech off their platform. Is that what we’re discussing here? Or is it the uneven enforcement of those rules?


Where did he do this? Lets be objective, he wasn’t hating on anyone except white supremacists. So i mean i guess you could be right in that, you could make the argument that he was directing “hate speech” towards white supremacists. I’m just surprised so many people are wanting to defend them.


Using “white N words” as an insult is obviously racist. It’s akin to calling a cheap bastard a white jew, or a lazy dude a mexican, or whatever. You’re saying that group is thuggish, or cheap, or lazy.


Keep in mind what you’re suggesting is a very slippery road, if that’s how you define ‘hate speech’ then I’ve quite honestly got a list of maybe 15-20 people on this forum who should be banned for the type of comments they’ve made here in the past.

Anyway, maybe we’re heading a bit far off topic?


Not really. It’s simple. If you’re not black, don’t use the N word. Ever.

There, all good.


You just did.


Obviously I’m referring to what the N word refers to, which I don’t say. The banned guy did, however.