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Patreon Killing it Self off With its Decision to De-Platform Those They Don't Like?


I am not a fan of corporations or business becoming the censor for the world. Id ditch patreon in a flash but it would hurt content creators more than patreon itself.

I do hope L1 comes up with another method I will switch.


Why would NYT do that knowing they have conservative people working there, some as journalists?

I think we are drinking the koolaid too much here. If we are going to talk politics here let’s at least not talk out of our asses. Enough of that shit.


Another platform where censorship ruins the content :confused:


They obviously have the right to do whatever they want. They should amend their terms of service to give clear examples of the sort of things that will get you banned, just as a matter of professionalism.

Patreon doesn’t do anything special. They have no secret sauce. They don’t benefit from the network effect. Their business can be cloned extraordinarily easily, and there are a ton of clones already. Getting banned from Patreon is no big deal, it isn’t equivalent to being banned from a social network like Facebook or Twitter.


Holy shit. Looks like i need to find somewhere other than patreon to support my favorite creators this is bullshit.

Thank you for the highly informative post

Edit: just canceled all of my Patreon subscriptions.


thats why i am about ready to start sending cash through the mail instead


Cancelled mine about a week ago. I’ll just buy merch instead :kissing_heart:. I understand that’s not as consistent so it’s more difficult to plan around, but I’m not supporting Patreon.

Ideally, I’d like to contribute to a platform that clearly states they will not ban people unless they’re actually doing something illegal. That way I don’t have to worry about them banning people simply for having different beliefs or saying a naughty word.


Guess the old saying, “get woke, go broke” is right :wink:
This aint going to be cheap for Patreon.


They needed to update their terms and services obviously before they did what they did so they should be getting sued big time here. Now as for moving somewhere else to support my favorite YouTubers it is hard to when they don’t use obvious ways to get paid like say PayPal and some other things I can’t think of right now. Anyway Patreon … bad bad bad! Hopefully Mr. Sterling, Level 1 Techs and others get off this site soon.


Why would you have anything on your CV that identifies your age/race/disability/other?


I also deleted my patreon account. The whole point of patreon was to give YT-creators a platform during the ad-pocalypse that might not be “advertiser friendly”. And now patreon is pulling the same shit… Even worse in my opinion is the way they seem to handle this. Kick some people first without any warning, then change the rules. That is not a company I’d wanna do business with.


Some people will put their photo right on their CV.

Otherwise you can sometimes get a rough idea of age based on when they went to school of held jobs. Race or ethnicity can sometimes be gleaned* from just the name.

*If the person reviewing stereotypes names.


I am pulled into interviews frequently and they’re a staggering waste of time already. I can’t imagine how useless they would be if I couldn’t get recruiters to pre-screen. And I can’t imagine how I’d even handle an interview without a resume to look at.


We’ve turned away entire assessment centres (10+ people) and then have been told well you need to hire someone? so we get rid of them to another department because they’re just not suitable.

HR don’t know some of our specific requirements, but wont let us see the info before they arrive.


Terrible. You must dread each one.


As soon as they brought in some of the new things (new methods of assessing people as well, not as bad as this, i just don’t like the methods) i decided i didn’t want to do assessment centres anymore.


One other thought… lets say someone doesn’t like drinking. And lets say they get their friends a job… and quickly rise up Patreon chain of command. They just happen to see L1 drunk news… and L1 gets dumped without warning. Doesn’t sound that far fetched anymore.


You have to actually prove they were getting drunk. Just drinking on camera is not substantial proof.


You don’t have to do anything for patreon to drop you, apparently.


No you don’t. Patreon doesn’t like you? Well, you’re out.