Passthrough VM boots to UEFI shell instead of Windows Installation

I just finished Wendell’s guide for a VFIO PCIe Passthrough and it did something unexpected. Instead of going to a Windows Install screen like I expected (and yes I did remember to use the iso in the VM creation process, in case you’re wondering) it booted to a UEFI Interactive Shell. After some digging with commands I discovered that ‘exit’ brings me to some sort of bios with a boot manager, but nothing brings me to the installer. I can also click ‘continue’ which just says "start PXE over IPv4. Has anyone else faced this issue before? I’m new to linux and I really want to switch from Windows and I would really appreciate any help I can get on this issue. Thanks!

What windows ISO are you using?

OVMF(the tianocore uefi) is not windows 7 compatible. Windows 8 and up are ok with OVMF

If you are trying to use win8 or up and still getting dumped to the shell, try disabling all boot devices except the boot optical drive with window in it, and also keep the future boot hdd. Set the optical drive to the first boot device. Also, make sure you are pressing a key to boot to the cd or dvd when the message shows up.

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I was using the latest Windows 10 ISO.

Thank you for the advice, that worked a treat! Now the VM just boots into windows. My problem was that since I don’t have an optical drive in my system, i figured it wouldn’t make sense to emulate one so i removed that device from the VM. I didn’t know thats what the VM needed to boot the .iso file.
Now I just need to do the tweaks like setting the correct resolution and getting nvidia drivers going, etc.

@TheCakeIsNaOH thanks for all the help on the forum posts I made a couple months ago and for the help here, I really appreciate it.

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