Passive cooling A10

Hello, I'm curious if anyone on here has tried to passively cool an AMD A10-7850K APU, or any fm1 through fm2+ apu. I've had an evo-212 on mine but as I'm upgrading to a haswell xeon (where the 212 will go) I would like to "play" with my a10. I'm planning on using the tdp limits on my board (asrock fatality fm2+) to limit it to 45 or 65w, but I would really like to run this thing passively, with no case, nothing; in open air, sitting on the desk with high wattage pico psu like power supply and ssd, absolutely no moving parts... Any thoughts?

The correct answer is the HR-22

Maybe look around for a better place to buy it

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A monster of aluminum and copper is what I foresee... :)

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Cool, thx!

Theres another but it's huge and round I forgot where its at

Also on the subject of those external PSUs, you might run into some coil whine issues on them , better to just get a decent ATX PSU with a quiet fan

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Thx! I'll keep it in mind.

Please keep us updated on this! I'm rather interested in this, for a media box with a single large fan. Would be interesting.

So I got a Zalman FX70 cooler.
So far so good. Temps are around 40c idle and I've seen them up to around 73c when it's busy. This is with zero fans of any kind around the cooler. I have it laying flat out in the open, no case or anything. The cooler is a bit clumsy, so I don't think I'd want to use it in a case, but for this purpose it seems to be just fine. And of course, silence is golden!

73*C on the CPU cores themselves is too hot for the vishera/piledriver architecture. 62*C should be your hottest with these AMD CPUs.

My 5800K handles 100C during the summer, the only issue living in a shed in california

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Don't expect it to last 10+ years then. Running a CPU above its recommended Thermal Junction MAX for extended periods of time destroys the transistors in the silicon at an exponentially accelerated rate than normal.

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I replaced the paste, have an after market cooler, and have 90cfm fans blowing the crap out of it, I gotta get me an HR-22

you can use a no-fan heatsink

100 bucks tho

at any rate, make sure you dust off the heatsinks regularly cause dust will impede the cooling.

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What your OC?

My A8 6600K gets 110c when turbo to 5.2Ghz
Normally sits around 60 - 90C at 4.8Ghz

Pretty sure I set my BIOS to Eco Mode, I've yet to overclock this CPU beyond the Auto OC of like 5% that the board does

I mean really it's probably just not reading the temperature

Also another version


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I Love the all Copper HeatSink

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Love the Push Pull Config,
I don't think I have ever found a program that has read the temp correctly.
But it's funny to see numbers like 121C and above

I would have put more, but I ran out of room