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Overwatch Clip Megathread



got floor is lava with no cheese


I have almost every achieve spray at this point, except that one. D:


From about a year ago from me


Not a video, but a screenshot. I still love it.


More Overwatch love for ya. A couple of Pharah's and a Torbs. Many stream processing units died to bring you these clips. Please enjoy them.

5 kills, 1 POTG

Justice On Point

Molten Torbs. Don't ask what I was shooting at in the beginning. I had no idea then, I have no idea now.


Nothing too great buy I wanted to win.


That reminds me did I show y’all this?


Was playing 12 mans with uni
@kreestuh I even got the spray


You cleared that alleyway.


Definitely, that play turned the game around. We managed to push the cart all the way to the end


One of my friends posted this




Was playing in University hosted Tournament when this happened

@kreestuh @MazeFrame
IMO proudest moment in the tourney on friday night


Well played!


How to save play of the game on video?
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From the main menu, you navigate to “Highlights”, then press the record button below the hightlight you want to record.


Found this on vidcardz
Nice to see overwatch being used for benchmarking, so sick of looking at benchmarks and saying "who even plays that?"
Screenshot (515)
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been playin a lot of doomfist in deathmatch before the buff. After the buff he’s more fun


Not a highlight, but look at those XP!