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Overwatch Clip Megathread



Here's a hub to post any highlights, play of the games or cool moments you encounter in Overwatch. Post whenever and whatever you want


Someone in the enemy team once pulled this off:

I removed the "salt chat" with music





If you get play of the game and don't spray after, is it really play of the game?


Best potg


Ooohhhh I have played against people like you... -_-.

Do these have to be our own because I haven seen some real odd ones but I have not played in a while and frankly suck.


here's another push q to win wipe


Tense gameplay highlights:


Bastion: The original "sit 'n spin."




I took a screenshoot of a cool moment myself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Pretty funny moment I caught earlier today haha


When you gotta kill stuff but you still make time for a little BM. (Sorry for potato quality lol)


raid fail


Want to know the forcast?


rip sound


@kreestuh I learned


Aggressive, the way Torbs was meant to be played.

And this one was funny if for no other reason that I had to pass in front of Widow while she was shooting at us in order to get into start position for this video. Really not sure it was POTG worthy, but hey, that's Overwatch.


Does torb's primary left click do more than the scatter?
or is it vice versa?


I've gotten so bad sometimes I spray before I make a play. For extra bm.

Help me.