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Out with (most of) the old and in with (some of) the new; fx8350, GTX970 Sli --> 3900x, GTX970 solo

So it’s long overdue. My neglected brick after 7 long years (without a dusting apparently), has been put out of its misery

I don’t think im in that small a minority rocking the 8350 in 2020. But now it’s gone, and unfortunatly SLi support with it. I’ve benchmarked before the clean, and rebuild (Cinebench, Heaven, Superposition, 3dmark, Forza Horizon 4) as a baseline for myself

Would you guys like a write up of how the numbers have changed, if you’re in a similar boat, or just like stats? Does SLi help that much today - Does the 8350 bottleneck make a greater difference

There will be a slight delay. I discovered the pump in the cooler seems to be reporting a false positive. It’s now just a fancy passive heatsink, with the CPU idling at 65C. I’ve had it 7 - 8 years though. Not a terrible run for an early AiO

Last year I took my 970 and paired it with a Ruben 5 2600. Gained 20-30 FPS average. Buddy gave me his old 980 Ti he had lying around. So put that at home. This year I finally upgraded from
The FX-8350 to a 3900X. So much faster boot with windows. Gave the 8350 to my oldest who really only gained a few extra cores.

Idle temp seems…high to me. When I first put my AIO (reused) on the 3900X I didn’t get a very good paste spread. Ended up pulling cooler off and redoing paste. I’ll have to look what I’m sitting at when I get home

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I am still rocking an overclocked FX-6300 @ 4.4 GHz with 16GiB of RAM and a RadeonHD 7790.

I am long overdue but I am waiting for Ryzen 4000 on the desktop. I am not liking issues that I see with Ryzen 3000 and x570 and PCI-e 4 and southbridge fans. The I was tempted to pickup Ryzen 2000 and x470 but the prices on those boards are kind of high, so I figured, if I have to pay through the nose, just wait for the next iteration.

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B550 is pretty good. B450 is as well unless you really want PCIE 4.0.

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I’m getting a Ryzen 5 1600 in the mail today, with the expectation of getting a slight bump over my 3930K (especially after the Spectre and Meltdown patches killed SB’s performance). The real purpose for my new build, though, is having an upgrade path to Zen 3, and I think even Zen+ and Zen 2 have decent fps improvements over Zen 1 in some games with some graphics cards. My guess is that at this point almost anything will be an upgrade over a Bulldozer chip. I remember when dual-core i3s were going head-to-head with them and beating them in anything not sufficiently parallelized. Not sure if that’s changed in recent years.

As for SLI, from what I understand, the industry as a whole is moving away from it. Not that many newer games support it these days and those that do still suffer from the microstutter that has plagued multi-GPU setups since day 1. There are single-GPU cards these days that can run practically every game at decent settings for not that much money anymore (especially if you don’t mind used cards), so imo there’s not really that much point in SLI unless the goal is to have The Best™

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Ace. My little brother is still on the 6300 with a 7790 too. Hed saved up his pocket money and asked my to build him something like mine. He eventually took my r9 280x as well and I think has them crossfired today. Because you know. Same card rebranded. I offered him the 8350 for free. He couldn’t be bothered with changing it out as he mostly plays Terraria

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Thanks guys. I knew I wasn’t alone in my ancient hardware. I think I will collate all the benchmarks before and after for a giggle and stick them in build a pc. Always nicer with hard numbers that we can cherry pick to support our bias. I got my cooler woes sorted and so far the benchmark results are surprising


I had an FX 8350 till last August. I went to a 3900X on a x570 motherboard. I have enjoyed the increase speed and processing power.

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When it works, it works. No point in constantly paying for new stuff if what you have does why you need. I just started getting to that point of it wasn’t going fast enough anymore and needed something better.

Hey guys, I’ve posted my benchmark changes if you’re at all interested (or having trouble sleeping. Should defo help that at least)

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