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So I want to find out what kind of OS users are in this community. Is everyone here just a Linux user? Or are you guys more of a mixed OS user? I myself use Windows as my main OS, but use Linux quite often. I want to truly know because like @azukala, there as been a big shift. Now it is May, so a lot of Linux hype has died down, so I want to know what everyone uses. The strawpoll link is right below.


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You may be looking for people to just do the poll and not discuss here on the thread, but I'll say something that might should be considered. I think there's a good number of us here that are in some way a mixed OS user and that the pure/only Linux users are still just a vocal minority.

Take me for example:
I'm currently running Win7 and refuse to recognize 8 as anything other than a virus. I'm waiting for 10. However, I use Windows ONLY because I game. If developers were as Linux friendly as they have always been to Windows, I would put down Windows immediately and never come back to this P.O.S. OS. I hate everything about Windows and I miss OpenSUSE's desktop (which was really mine, as I customized it). Yeah, that's just me being vocal. But I think it echos the frustrations of a lot of Linux lovers who are also gamers.

If you can, PLEASE add a "I love Linux but game developers don't" option to that poll for those of us that would use Linux if games didn't tie us to WIndows.

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My goal is to gather data and how to react to this data when it comes to dealing with people on the forum. I am not looking to single out certain groups, but I want to collect data. I want to see where things are headed, 7 months ago, it seemed the entirely of TekSyn was heading down the route Linux is the one true god. I want to see where TekSyn stands now in terms of who is using what most often or mixed.

Also I know Linux is a major minority, but on about every Tech community, I see Linux being far bigger then that. Now that isn't a problem, but in a world where a lot of somewhat tech savvy people are looking for a community to join, I just don't want to see TekSyn being that almost Linux exclusive community.

Then in that case, definitely provide alternative like both this and that, all three, this but would prefer that. That'd give you a much better idea of where things are headed, not just where they are now. And Linux is the one true god, devs just haven't accepted it yet XD

You have the option to select more than one, I am looking at this data as a whole, not what the individual will use.

I know it will skew some result, but my target is to see if the community itself is just Linux inclined or not.

Huh. I clicked on the first link in the quote, which only has 3 options and not the option to click more than 1. I just tried the second and see what you just said now. Ignore my comment(s).

EDIT: lol 0% Mac XD

Still using Windows. Need to get around to experimenting with some linux distros. I think I've got a mint iso lying around that I gave up on a few months ago...

Is this really multi option? Looks like I can only select one. I'm primarily a Linux user but I've been spending more time on OSX recently especially for work.

Okay I removed the original SP link in the quotes, you should find mine at the bottom of the post.

Just voted for ya.....

I think your going to find a mix, like myself I run a pfSense router (BSD), two FreeNas boxes (BSD), one Linux server (Ubuntu) and mostly Windows7 on the desktops We still have a old XP machine that runs a couple times a year, but my personal workstation will be moving to Linux shortly the only thing holding me back is one game I play that if I can get to run on a Win7 VM I'm done with Windows as a primary OS, if not I'll dual boot.

Well.... from what I am getting right now, Linux seems to be in a lot of people repositories.

SACRILEGE! Wendall is the only god and Linux is his prophet!

Like this?

Lol, that is the feeling I get on this community sometimes, my stance is Linux is not a god, I think each OS has it purposes. If you don't want someone to fuck up the machine but need it for business use, get them a Mac, they are more unlikely to infect a Mac with viruses than Windows.

Personally I just want to be able to do whatever catches my interest at the time and usually Linux/GNU or BSD fill that role best, except when I want to game then it's somewhere between Linux and Windows. Linux/GNU, one of the fastest ways to piss off GNU nut.

@kuhchuk Oh my god is that BBNG avatar. I mean I am way off topic.

I run Windows, Linux gave me a run for my money, but so did Solidworks and Cygwin really doesn't count. If I decide to get a Chromebook that will probably have some form of a desktop linux pumped into it.

Yup. It's the cover to BBNG2. I like it because it's fairly creepy, and it matches the color scheme for this site.

I thought it looked familiar, started to look for the album, but realized I don't have it on my laptop. :(

I use windows only for gaming, and my ziftr mining since that is where i put my main wallet for it. I should probably just move it to linux but meh.

other wise I am on ubuntu with xfce was on gnome but xfce is so much faster and responsive and I don't need the extra "flare" that DE like gnome. unity, cinnamon have.

That's a shame. It's a great album.