Openly taking linux distro suggestions for my mac pro

I have few things I need from my x86 mac pro, and steam is one of them. I installed Ubuntu 19.04 and something is making steam crash when I go to prioritize a download or install a game.

This is literally nothing new. Some retarded BS always happens to me on ubuntu. Its why I don’t use it.

So, community, I am openly taking suggestions, and currently, after dinner, will be attempting salix as I have wanted to run slackware for years anyways. I have very few requirements.

  • Needs to have a competent package manager. Ne EOPKG or “just use flatpak”. Terminal package manager, or external build system. Either or.

  • Needs to be able to run steam. Duh.

  • Needs to be able to run OBS and not do random shit to the stream output.

Other than that, I don’t really care what distro. I will say I have tried Fedora in the past, and it just flat ass has never ever worked for me. It either doesn’t install right, throws errors, or just doesn’t boot. I’m amazed that anyone has the ability to use it.

Go for it.

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Debian testing? My latest tests with a gaming rig based on it worked really great.

My personal experience with others: Fedora is top notch, i just couldn’t make it work for a gaming rig.
Arch is great, but to many things to do manually to get a proper gaming setup (for me. Might be different for you).
Solus is really stable and clean. But in the end you’re always missing some package.

In the end, it was always either Ubuntu/Debian because everything that comes as a package likely comes a deb or Arch because you can find anything in the AUR. I choose based on how much time i want to invest in the setup. Get up and running quickly -> Debian unstable or testing. Want to play and invest some time in setup -> Arch.
I also tested Endeavour OS (The Antergos respin). Worked really great. A lot like Manjaro without the Manjaro stuff. Great Installer and a clean Arch Setup in the end.

So yeah. Debian testing or Endeavour.

Puppy… Parrot, Mint.

Solus might be what you’re looking for. It’s not overloaded with features but should work for gaming just fine.

Windows 10

Or a Debian based distro with a light(er) weight DE.

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I came with Solus in mind. I’m leaving whispering Manjaro.

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That’s quite literally the worst distro, would still choose hanna montana linux over this one.

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Works on my machines.


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Please elaborate the concept of “works


Just kidding. It was just a joke.

Yeah, I figured it was :slight_smile:

My real recommendation was a Debian fork of choice. SteamOS is based on Debian, so I figured something Debian would have the highest chance of having Steam work.

Hell, SteamOS might work fine on a Mac Pro for all I know.

Every rolling distro for me has been like “cool, I like it” not realizing that I was in a fire pit and everything was about go up in flames. And it just needed

sudo pacman -Syu 

to become hashes.

This is obviously a joke, but not that far from the truth for me

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Just rock the lts.

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Gotta keep that bootable thumbdrive at hand, boi!

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Ye 'cept steamxdon’t wanna work lol

Deepin it’s Deb based it’s aimed at Mac os /windows replacement in China and I have used for a year and no security issues

And it’s DE is amazing

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Thanks for reminding me, looks like they finally released a Bionic based LXLE yesterday. I saw when they announced the beta a few weeks back and I was excited to see it. Used to be my daily driver and still running the older one on my laptop and a few other machines.

I really don’t understand why so many times there can be a distro where the base is less than desirable and the derivatives are much more polished. Not so much just that, but they never upstream any bug fixes. LXDE Lubuntu was hot garbage with all kinds of basic bugs release after release, when Peppermint, LXLE, and other derivatives had things fixed for years.

Vanilla Ubuntu has always been inferior from my viewpoint; like bleeding edge without any of the benefits of a rolling release, just stuff implemented too soon. I’d imagine trying to run Wayland and not using a PPA for graphics drivers (specifically if you are using proton/Steam Play) could be problematic. I’ve got Lubuntu 19.04 on machines from a Core2Quad to a Ryzen 2400G and no problems with Steam beyond 7DaysToDie not running properly with only 6GB RAM on the Core2Quad.

I was going to say Raspberry Pi Desktop, but it’s only 32 bit and they didn’t update it to Buster like they did for the Pi boards when they released the R Pi 4. I’m hoping they update it with the next Raspbian release.

MX Linux is getting tons of hits over on Distrowatch, and almost any Debian based distro should do what you want.

On a workstation hmmm


Do I need to say anything?

Might put parrot on my gs63vr, but doesn’t seem like a desktop fit, at least for me.

Very cool, never seen it before.

Hmmmmm… like, direct continuation?

Well enough people have mentioned debian and ubuntu atp. I dunno what the hell is wrong with steam, but I’ll just have to figure that out later. I’ve had a gander at MX and wasn’t terribly impressed. As well, tried booting it on the MP, didn’t want to. Neither did void, which honestly is unsurprising.

If I can work out what the heck is even wrong with steam, dank. Hopefully its just something stupid like proton trying to run linux games or something. I can just use lutris for that anyways. I might rather do that, but unsure atm.

Until someone has an idea for me outside of ubuntu, I think I’ll keep it for now.

sounds to me like you could just use Manjaro. It’s arch based, works well with gaming and has a gui package manager for pacman / aur stuff.

If you want something a bit more supported / stable, I’d suggest popOS.