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I think the kryonaut came with the conductonaut. I actually used the conductonaut on both sides of the IHS on my workstation, so the kryonaut is full. I wonder how many applications you get in a tube.


what size tube? Also would depend on cpu size (TR would deff use more paste)


Idk, pretty small (it’s packed now).


Managed to get all that downstairs and caught a Lyft to the airport to pick up a rental car. I am not a morning person.

Nervous about driving in the city. Haven’t navigated NY streets since I moved here 8 years ago.

Not impressed with Advantage Rent A Car.


Is it an armored car?


First upgrade 192gb ECC RDIMMs.




X5675s installed now. TIM on the E5520s wasn’t too bad. Now time to start juggling operating systems since FreeNAS can’t be bothered to support XFS…


Drives are in the sleds. Now I have carpal tunnel.


I once installed so many APs with a screw driver that my wrist became swollen and I couldn’t rotate it for three days and wore a brace.

After that, I bought a drill.


I’m starting to look forward to the hotel bar later.


Don’t let the server lift lull you into the idea that sliding a server onto its rails is possible when it has 28 drives in it.


So much easier to service nodes.


Blast from the past.


I hope this takes less than 20 hours…


It’s like almost 7pm east coast right? Bro. You’ve been there forever.


Will probably go check into the hotel at 9.

Look someone did the return scam on this Evo. Now I gotta find a Best Buy or something.


What’s a return scam? And how can you tell? Because that’s the only 850?


It was in an 860 box.

That’s it for tonight. Onto the hotel bar!

I am literally the only one here besides the Skelton staff.


@oO.o’s hotel pro-tips:

  1. Bring your own hdmi cable.

  2. Take whatever you want from the bar to your room.

  3. Order a pizza.