One Plus 3

What do y'all think of the OP3 it's pretty beastly (I ordered one)

I'm still picking one up july 1st.. but


they removed the micro SD expansion.

It is a smart phone. I have no use for one at this time and thus don't care about it. However I will say that if I was to have a phone it would not be this one as it is too small. I prefer phablets.

None of the one plus phones had memory expansion.

didn't the two have one?

nope, only the oneplus x has a micro sd card support for it.

could of sworn they had one... either way. the phone needed it.. not two nano sim cards -_-

I think I'll sit on my OnePlus One for one more generation, if I can manage not to destroy it for that long xD I hope they do some kind of waterproofing on the next phone, I really want that but don't want to pay S7 Prices xc

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I really like it for when I travel though I can get cheap local sim cards (or multinational), having 2 means I don't have to change it quite as often if I know where I plan on being.

still sitting on mine oneplus one and I carry a power bank around so i can go nuts on the phone regardless of battery life.

Yeah I keep 2 battery packs in my backpack, 10,000mAh each, and my laptop. I never stop using my phone xD

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I plan on modifying a Dash charger to work on a regulated lipo

Looked at it but decide to wait for the next Nexus. Didn't seem too bad but I'm always worried to don't have any update from the maker and long support like for the Nexus plus if you don't offer an sd card slot, at least make a fucking 128 gb model. The 64 gb pretty kill it for me as I want a 128 gb for my next phone. (my 32 gb Nexus 5 is full and I had to delete things on it and I don't have all my music (in FLAC of course) on it (I want to add OSTs also))

I started with the OnePlus One, and fell in love with it. It was a great phone and kind of sold me on the brand. I then sold it to get the OP2, and I do not like my OnePlus 2 at all. It overheats causing the battery life to dwindle, and a plethora of other issues have cropped up over the past year. I'm now hesitant to get the OP3, yet I do need a replacement for this phone as its now borked. So far, I've not been impressed with any new phone introduced this year.

Wow, you max your phone's storage? I stream my media from my home server so technically I can get by with a 16GB phone, but prefer at least 32GB as a buffer.

I need one.
My OP2 doesn't have NFC... which wasn't a problem... until recently.


Yes, I even had to delete pictures from previous travel on my phone during my trip in Japan to have space for the pictures I was taking. And I don't want to stream because of data and also because I want them available even when I have no internet access (like in a plane). Also my flac files take a lot of place, 11 GB worth of music and only 200ish songs...

That's a lot of stuff. I'm glad that I have a 10GB/month plan for $55. I don't go anywhere near my monthly data cap and can still stream from my 12TB server.

My OP2:

55$ for 10GB you're lucky. Are you in Europe by any chance for these price?
My Nexus 5:

Cricket Wireless, here in the US.

Granted, it's not the AT&T LTE speeds, but I found that even streaming movies to my phone does just fine without buffering on Cricket.

My media library is rather large and I have it hooked into Subsonic Media Server, so that I can stream right to my phone/tablet/etc.


How it looks on phone: