"one man's trash other man's treasure" trade / giveaway thread

This thread is here to trade or give away old hardware you actually want to throw away but can still be used by someone.

How to?
post a comment with:

  • Name of item(s)
  • condition of item
  • at least one picture
  • possible defects
  • location of pickup and country! + if you accept shipping or not
  • expiration date (will be thrown away one week from now)
  • status (available, reserved, trashed, given away or traded)
  • what do you want to do? (Giveaway or trade)
  • (if status is traded, traded against what? not mandatory)
  • (description, also not mandatory)

If your post does not follow these guidelines it’s not valid.
The actual trade must be done with private message’s.
Questions and such on items can be done in this thread.

! Item requests are not allowed !
(However you can put something up and ask for a trade)
! If you ask or get asked for money you are disqualified !
! Only shipping costs are accepted!
!! If you accept shipping you must include a picture of the item with your forum username and date in the picture !!

Happy trading / giving away.
Stay on topic please.

Origin of idea

How old is too old?


Love it! I think great things will be possible with this.

A forum I used to frequent had a thread like this, a “pay it forward” if you will. It worked well.

I think it might be best to see if this could be limited to basic members or above? It’s not much, but I just don’t like internet scavengers that just troll for free stuff and then just leave. Not my thread though.

Would shipping for fans be acceptable? I have like a dozen 120mm fans that I don’t need, but I also don’t want to cover shipping on them because of their size.


Huh. My kinda thread. I could like, repair laptops and send them to people on here who need them.

I like this idea.


Shipping costs are acceptable.
(shown under the blur :wink: )

For the rest, i don’t know how.
Maybe a mod can fix that?

You sound like a saint.

I like fixing stuff to give to others. Not like I have much better to do. Community service has always been high on my list next to playing SNES games and watching cartoons.


I’m down with this. I have a lot of really old stuff that I don’t need but figure are worth something to somebody (mostly really old CPU’s and RAM), so I have been saving them. I purged a lot of motherboards but they stopped working. As far as I know the CPU’s and much of the RAM should still work.

That’s actually my main problem - motherboards. I have a lot of hardware that could make several complete systems if they had a functioning motherboard. I’m mostly moving on to newer, low power consumption machines, so I’ve lost interest in messing with a lot of my older hardware.

I also like the idea that the thread is protected from the drive-by sniping of internet rando’s.

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I guess i’ll kick it off :wink:

Condition: Used

Defects: one cover is missing and no power adapter, however it’s fully working and running on openWRT
Location: Gemeente de Wolden, Netherlands
Expiration date: Two weeks from now i’ll trash it.
Status: available

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I’m interested, would you be looking to trade or giveaway?

Name some stuff you would want in a trade and maybe I could find something

giveaway but you can always post your stuff.
Maybe there’s something i like.

I-am still looking for an extra powered sata to usb for external harddrives.

Get one of these. This is the model I have; works well.



I’ll take a look. just moved and stuff is boxed, Shipping from Alberta, Canada might kill any savings.

I bought a dual bay Thermaltake BlacX recently. No review yet.

i got some shit i could trade for an old laptop
i mentioned a few weeks ago that mine died.
i was counting on getting another from a friend, only to find out that his also recently died (coincidence?)

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Such as :stuck_out_tongue:

240mm aio with about a month of use, small hdmi switcher, new noctua 4u heatsink, new poe injector, rack shelves and panels. tried listing it locally on FB but ugh

AIO and injector got my ears, dunno what I would have that’d suit you though haha.

anyone want a barebones T400…?


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