Once again I am struggling to get a headset to work and it may cost me work in the future. (Update: I got it working but really need to figure out how to set it up again in the future if it fails on me.)

Once again I am struggling to get a headset to work and it may cost me work in the future. I was invited to participate in a survey over the phone or the internet and when the phone situation was acting nuts I decided to try to use my headset. That did not go perfectly well as I had it where I could hear audio but then not hear him talk. I then had it where I could hear him talk but the audio from my mic was weak. He ended up calling me and set up a conference call on his cell phone. It took 1/2 an hour to basically get to that point. In the future if their darn phone service would work properly and I would not have to use a mic well great but I need to use this headset for backup and for streaming.

Motherboard is a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 (Realtek HD Audio)

Headset is a Turtle Beach Ear Force Charlie LE COD MW3

I have the guide book and it says to do the following (jumping to the steps I can’t figure out):

  1. Select the microphone as the recording source in your sound card’s control panel.
  2. Set your sound card for 5.1 channel output.

Today’s mess with this headset/mic could have cost me $50 for 1 hour of work but lucky the guy was patient and used his own solution. Thing is this mess could have cost me future work. Please help.

Right now I have it where it is showing audio is coming out of my mic on this test here …

As for anything else I am hearing hissing and feedback when I have the main audio for the headset turned max. up.

Don’t use onboard audio. Ever.

There is nothing wrong with onboard audio. When I hook up my 5.1 speakers I am happy with the sound quality.

Anyway I got this thing working but I think I found out that the right speaker in the headset is damaged. When I do a sound test yes it produces sound for certain parts in the right side but not anything proper. It crackles. Thing is man now I have to write down all these settings if I can so I know I can set things up quickly next time. Also initially when I had this all done right finally the right speaker in the headset worked but not now. : S

How is that 5.1 connected?

For my 5.1’s I connected 3 things … black, yellow and green … and to get it working in surround sound I set the speakers to 7.1 and it then uses all the speakers properly. The 5.1’s are an older Logitech kit … Logitech Z506 5.1 Surround Speaker System 75W RMS

OK, thought it might be optical, which would have been an obvious reason for the difference in sound quality.

Anyway here is my advice: A USB audio dongle thingy is a few bucks, works on any OS, is outside the case so no static or whatever and you don’t have to switch from speakers to headset anymore. Buy one!

I was talking about going Bluetooth. I have some sort of dongle for that but never got around to getting a Bluetooth headset.

Btw audio is now playing in my headset properly but when playing nothing the right side is crackling. I am glad I am hearing sound and then this but I hope it gets better.

I guess maybe the connections on the mobo could be faulty. Of course it could be the headset too. Also maybe some static interference from something? Thing is this never happens with the surround sound 5.1 speakers so to me I think it points to the headphones.

Also yes I will take what you said and add it to my list of things to do in regards to getting a better solution for audio.

Oh one thing though …

I don’t even have it set to switch between my 5.1s and the headset. I damn well wish I could do that. I’d settle for that now for sure but not sure I have the audio audio adapter thing they show in the manual.

Update: Well it is working properly now. I disconnected the one jack and reconnected it and it fixed the issue.

It really is a combination of evil, onboard sound + headset. In my experience the number one thing is to take away control over the sound device from the OS. And whenever cables are dying, the word headset isn’t far away. Since I switched to an external DAC for output and a USB thingy and a ModMic for input, audio just works. Always. I know that is a bit expensive but a USB thingy is a fairly cheap first step.

Also in the long run it is cheaper to separate mic and headphones.

Oh goodness not the clip on mic and separate headphones. :S I don’t think I could get used to that at all. Also an external DAC? What? I am not an audiophile. I hate audio products. I had a surround sound stereo system long ago before they were really a thing and all the wires were annoying plus the features on the back of the stereo system I never learned what any of it was. I really hate audio. It has to be kept simple for me. : S

Update: I think I figured out how to get rid of that static noise. It was that I had the front setting up too much and when I turned that down while idling with no sound the static was gone. Maybe the static should not be there but I don’t mind if it is not happening when I am actually doing anything.

It is by far the simplest solution. USB from PC to small box, L/R RCA from there to amp or active speakers or whatever. I have a headphone amp on my desk and it is one knob, on and off. That’s it. No settings, no drivers, no fiddling around and no broken ports because big headphone jacks just don’t break. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I’m missing something here. How does one take away the sound from the o/s? Don’t the programs employing audio require an o/s to function correctly? Also a big fan of big headphone jacks.

I am confused here. Did you quote me? I don’t see where I said this.

You didn’t. I pulled it from one of your quotes. :sunglasses:

I saw that now. Anyway you ask noenken what he means by that. Also … I still hate audio crap. I always will.

noenken. What do you mean by that?

I’m an audiophile. Will likely always be one too. Still miss my old sound system.

Anything unclear?

Congrats, you like sound.

Throw this thing in the garbage.

Get a simple headset that does nothing but play sound, preferably one that sounds good to you.

Get one of these:

Stop using headsets with built in mics. They are all garbage. Ask me how I know.

My rule so far has been to keep headphones and mic separate by all means necessary. I have my headphones hooked up through the passthrough on by KB and my mic is just a webcam. The webcam actually sounds pretty good, but that doesn’t stop my future plans of a shotgun mic and a DAC, which seems to be what will work better for you in the long run.

Also keep in mind that M$ is throwing drivers out left and right. You’ll have a hell of a time soon just setting up anything not baked in to the comp if they keep at the rate they are going.

I have had this headset for a very long time and didn’t need to use one until the other day when I needed it in an emergency for an online job so if I could have hooked the damn thing up easily it would have been fine. With that said I am still listening to what others have said here and I knew some of these options before. It is just honestly I really prefer an all in one solution. I would prefer it be easier to get working though.