On linux, ubuntu 16.04 how do i change desktop environment

??? im not liking gnome i would like to switch desktop environments. is it really supposed to be this hard to figure out?

Then you should be able to switch between what one you want by hitting the little wheel thing where you go to login if you're using GNOME.

Well as far as Ubuntu is concerned, you have choices.
Ubuntu has come in manny flavors.

  • Kubuntu KDE.
  • Xubuntu XFCE.
  • Ubuntu Mate.
  • Ubuntu Gnome.
  • Ubuntu itself with Unity desktop.
  • Lubuntu. LXDE

If you dont feel confortable with installing multiple DE´s on your current Ubuntu Gnome version.
You could allways go with one of the other flavors instead.

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YEah im on it already lol Ubunto gnome . I thought i would get a chance to choose which one i wanted during installation or something... Should i re Format and do over?

Im ok with installing multiple. My computer is a damn beast... I feel like im under utilizing it

Well what i would recommend.

  • install virtualbox or Gnome boxes.
  • Go to the websites from the other Ubuntu flavors and download their iso´s.
  • install them in a Virtual machine, using either Virtualbox or Gnomeboxes.

THen just see which DE fits you the best.
Then you could eventualy re-install the system as soon as your figured out which DE you like.

In my opinnion Ubuntu Mate 16.04 is still one of the best Ubuntu flavor out there.
Allthough i personaly dont like the Mate desktop.
But the OS in general is realy nice.

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I'm all about U.I though!

Well you could also install certain DE´s along side of your Gnome desktop.
But that can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
In my opinnion its still better to just play arround with diffrent DE´s in a VM.
I personaly dont like Gnome 3.x atall.

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you're right . Btw im is the software center legit? or where should i go for more apps?

I've only really used Red Hat and CentOS, but after installing a DE you can also group uninstall the packages for the other DE. I'm guessing that would still be correct for Detain based as well?

The software center is basicly just a graphical installer that lists software that is availeble in the repositories.
So yes its legit.
But basicly you could install software with other tools aswell.
Like synaptic package manager, or straight from the terminal.

Ubuntu Mate 16.04 has taken it a step further and implementated their own multifunctional welcome screen.
With a getting started tutorial, that basicly every newbie could walk trough and endup with a fully configured system.
They also have their own Software bootique in which they list allot of handy and usefull software for one click install.
Thats why for new users to Linux Ubuntu Mate 16.04 in my opinnion is one of the easiest distro´s to start on.
But i personaly dont like the Mate desktop all that much personaly.

If thinking about going to kubuntu you would probably be better off going straight to kde neon as an os since its Ubuntu based and kde maintain it

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Wow thanks. I thought the software center was like itunes lol online based.

Bro i just got the latest fedora and i thought there would be a screen that lets me choose between which i want.

Yeah i personaly have not checked KDE Neon out myself yet.
But as far as what i have seen from it, it looks nice.

KDE plasma is by far one of the most beautiful desktops out there.
But last time i tried it with Kubuntu and Open Suse it was a bit buggy for me.
But that might also be caused by VB.

Yeah plasma just looks nice

If you want a simple os that let's you choose the desk top environment prior to installation I would recommend antergos however it is arch based which may be a bit of hassle if you are used to debian based systems.

This is all new to me i'm not used to anything but windows (which i customized to its max potential)

i do think so yes.

Quidsup did a review on YouTube of his experiences with kde neon after being a primary kubuntu user, he basically just echoed what you said there that it neon is far less buggy

Well it depends on which version of Windows.
But if you are familier with the Windows 7 look and feel.
I think that the best place for you to start might be the XFCE desktop with the Whisker menu.
The Whisker menu looks very similer to the Windows 7 start menu.
And you could customize it.
XFCE is also a pretty stable DE aswell.
Its not as fancy and modern looking as said Unity, Gnome or KDE plasma.
But there for its very lightweight.