Old v. New: Xeon E5-2680 vs. i9-7900X | Level One Techs

The Intel i9 series CPUs represent a change in strategy from Intel for performance scaling in an era of CPUs that increase performance by adding cores. Like the transition from dual core to quad core CPUs that came before it, there will be some performance regressions in some scenarios.

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This is really surprising and very eye-opening to the architectural changes that most other tech channels will likely overlook.

Love the Transmeta reference. That company will always have a special place in my heart.


I gotta get some transmeta cpus for my collection. I have bupkiss from transmeta. the most obscure cpu I have is probably the ratheon repackaged 8080 for some missile guidance system somewhere



But yeah intels main improvements are within the platforms and added instruction sets.
But wenn it comes to raw cpu performance, not really that much mindblowing.

nice bench, hope people will chill out with looking to replace their cpu’s/systems each new cpu release…

People keep asking what to buy for used hardware. These iterative changes make it easy to recommend and old cpu coupled with some recycled parts. Didn’t know compatibility with the Xeon’ s and X79 was that good.

The benchmarks were surprising to say the least. I’ve built PCs with E5-2670, X5650, X5460 but never looked at the gaming performance as close as you did.
Personally i still run an i5-760.

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This got me thinking about other options with older CPUs. I’m a little curious about something like the E5-2690/E5-2687w vs the AMD 1900x or a dual socket setup against the 1950x.

Considering you can get the Xeons for $150-300 on Ebay, that would be a decent competitor if it holds up anything like the 2680 does.


Upgrading gpu every two years is unnecessary. Today the cards are powerful enough to play every game without any major problems. You only need to get a faster card when you change your monitor to higher resolution. And I seriously doubt you change your monitor every two years.

I have Sandy-Bridge i7 with R9 290 and don’t plan on upgrading any time soon. Because there just isn’t any reason to do it. The comp can deal with anything I throw at it. 15 years ago getting a new GPU meant the difference between being able to play the game and not able to start the game at all. Those times are gone.

The only people that need frequent upgrades are the scientist that use super computers for weather forecast, molecular simulations and such.

I had a q6600 for years overclocked and just kept the GPU up to date. The MB died and I was cash strapped so got a i3 / MB / Ram and moved the GPU over and lasted years longer gaming.
I got a ryzen 1700 to mess more with VM’s I was surprised (when I should not have been) that games just dont use threads and are mostly 2 cores worth of workload.

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This is Basically what i am trying to upgrade my Dual X5660 bench to.

Junk Victim, didn’t realize how filthy my heat sinks were lol i am ashamed getting out the air compressor.


That was a sweet little beast. I won the silicon lottery with that one. It was a G0 stepping version. I managed to get it to 4.0Ghz.


Gutter punk computing lol.

That’s a decent name for a group actually. GPC.

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hahaha party on

Nice reading and comforting as well to see my current old scavenged dual E5 2670 with SSD’s and a 1080ti being capable still and it does handle everything rather well.
USB3 support is however rather bad and NVME is not even worth a try.
Want to get a Ryzen 1700 system but this old beast is still too good to abandon…

2x Xeon E5-2670 @ 16x3,2 Ghz (maxed out powerlimit)
Corsair 32GB RAM
GTX 1080 TI
Dell U3415W 34"+ 2x 24" “HP ZR24w” IPS in portrait
HyperX Predator PCIe/M.2 240GB
4x Samsung 840 500GB
Asus Xonar DX
2x NH-U12S
2x EVGA Supernova G2 850W
Obsidian 900D

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Tell me more about the wonders of usb 3.0 and nvme. I am still on 2.0 and sata II xD.

Hi I have tried a number of add in cards for USB 3.0, I ended up with this in my X58 system https://www.amazon.co.uk/dodocool-Express-Type-C-Type-Desktop/dp/B01C59TB0I
Its USB 3.1 Gen 2, two ports on a PCIE x4 card.
I haven’t tested in Linux, and you do need to install the driver for it too work. Seems to offer very good speeds. However I only have a top end Gen1 flash drive to test with.

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I wouldn’t have thought such an old Xeon was so competitive.

How about the next generation 2011-3 comparison:)