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Official Post your PC guts thread!


fuck… guys this is such history in here… Holy crap this is back to the RTW 2010 days… dayum sonn…

Ill post some good pics of my rig at some point with only a singular GTX 980Ti Air cooled for a bit and my Corsair H100i… Its decent but barebones and all I need


I’m building my first computer and it’s a daunting prospect since I’ve only messed around with some cheap old HP desktop clients previously.

My build is loosely based on Wendell’s advice though maybe I’ve made some mistakes.

  1. ASROCK Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming
  2. AMD Threadripper 2950X
  3. Radeon VII
  4. G. Skill Flare X 2933MHz 4 x 16GB
  5. Corsair H100i Platinum AIO
  6. Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVME M.2, 1TB
  7. EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 P2, 80+ Platinum 1200W
  8. Rosewill RSV-L4000 4U Rackmount Server Case 8 internal bays 7 fans.
  9. LG 32UD59-B 32" 4K UHD LED

I’m currently waiting for the delivery of a 16GB Kingston USB for installations and Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Grease Paste.

I’m almost certain I’ll be buying a Wacom Cintiq Pro (non touch screen)

I’m a bit concerned that the M2 Samsung EVO 970 isn’t listed in support for that mobo but then the mobo came out in 2017 and that M2 came out just in January of 2019.

Also I’m deeply intrigued by Wendell talking about installing Linux Mint on it then running VMWare 15 and it’s pass through capabilities to run Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Workstation. I’ll really need to know it I can install drivers for that Cintiq and do a pass through to the USB or USB-C it’s plugged into. Wendell claims that this setup is so efficient I’d only lose one CPU cycle for a virtual machine…


Whoa! Looks / sounds cool!
Looks like a build I would like to try as well.
I’m thinking of doing a linux box, with pci-e passthrough and enough threads and memory to game on a windows virtual machine.

And of course just having all open source drivers with AMD Radeon VII, that’s rad!

Where are you planning to mount the server case, do you have any specific ideas since you’re building it in a server case?
Man I’m missing pc building!!

Right now I’m travelling a lot, so my main rig ATM is:

Thinkpad t480

Fedora 29
i7-8550u 1.8ghz, 4 core / 8 threads
(Turbo boost disabled for stability)
8gb 2400mhz
256gb NVME SSD
MX150 (Disabled for better battery)


This is pretty close to ideal in terms of price and configuration. I like the casters for moving it for cleaning. Order, cable management and cleanliness are a big priority here. It leaves plenty of room for a rackmount UPS, a second cheap computer/hot swap drive tray and maybe a Cisco lab down the road. I’m not sure this size will fit my case; I don’t see 17" there anywhere…I’m new to this.

I’ve heard some criticism from other quarters that my Corsair H100i Platinum AIO won’t be up to cooling that 2950X. Anyone have any experience with this?


You are going at it!
What is the use case?
Since you are building your first pc, I’m wondering why you are starting out with mounting on server racks? Do you have experience in the “server-bizz” ? :stuck_out_tongue:


My last desktop was a mess of cables. Not going to happen again