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[Official] Car Pictures/Videos Thread


beautiful man


One of the greatest cars ever made.



Couple months ago after I got it.


hey jay!


2017 Ford GT


Ford just whipped out a race car for you.
Meet the new Shelby FP350S, a new car designed for Trans Am, SCCA and NASA use.


Car 🚗


You can see a few cars from here

RB12 and the SF16-T, and also some nice McLarens in the turn 13 suite parking lot at Circuit of the Americas.



Haha that things pretty cool.. Also I just remember.. That's me.. Im the original op.. Too bad I don't the great topic badge and the champion badge damn it.. Its not linked to my account anymore


Yeah unfortunatly i cannot hand you over the owner ships for certain topics you made with your previous accounts.


There is something you can do ;) I'll pm you


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My latest car obsession (re-obsession): Nissan Skyline

Man I love these taillights.

I like the boxiness of Nissan's sports cars in the 90s. Growing up on the Fast and Furious movies (especially the first one) had me in love with this car:

From TFATF 1

From Fast and Furious (4th film) Damn he's so cute (R.I.P)

The new ones are actually hella nice, but I might never afford these. Imports from the 90s are only RHD sadly. One day I might get it haha


That Yellow R33 looks like the 1000hp JUN version that Jeremy Clarkson did a review on.
Skylines are indeed kinda cool, however the hype arround jaports seem to have dried a bit.
Probably because of the changes in the Fast and Furrious film series,
which nowdays are unbearable to watch pretty much since Fast 5.
I have a couple of friends who own or have owned Skylines.
But most of them got rid of those cars after only a few years.
Skylines are pretty expensive to keep going.

By the way RHD isnt that hard to get used to.


I hated the 6th one, but Furious 7 was a 'so bad, it's good' type of film.


rip paul walker, great dude

R32 all day, freaking classic super car. (back in it's day)


Muh daily


I could've sworn I posted this in here before...