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[Official] Car Pictures/Videos Thread


Those tiny windows though... how do you see out? Does it feel like you're driving a tank?


I can see fine out the front and straight out the back. Non 90degree intersections without a 4 way stop are harrowing. It's an excuse to punch it. The exhaust note is glorious.


One of these is for sale in my price range near me... only thing holding me back is the mpg and probably insurance


As much as I like my car, I wanted a Corvette Z06. But at 6'7" I couldn't fit.
The 1LE was a lot less expensive, and frankly, gets me in plenty of trouble as is.

But even a base Corvette weighs way less and is faster in every measure. Used C7's are starting to get cheap.


I would love to get a mid 70's stingray... but from what I hear they drive horribly.

Maybe some day I'll take the body off and put on a tube chassis and make it electric.


SUBIE SWAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick GC


This here is my daily. <3 subarus and <3 wagons. best thing too is that shes a manual


Got myself my dream car. 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75
Only have a few pictures right now but i will get more after i replace the windshield tomorrow.


Forever alone :cry:


My current runabout for the last few years. I got it at 200,000km. 4A-GE only just run in haha

And my Starlet I wish I'd never sold.

Mate's Starlet. Scary little potential coffin.

All new steel body '32 that i wired up a couple of years ago.

Restored 1928 Essex i wired up. Had been in pieces for 30 years.

Delivery I saw on on traveling for work.

'56 Nomad i wired up, was rebuilt from bare shell. We also got to use it for a wedding car which was awesome.

Another full wire-up i did, DJR replica XE Falcon.

A bunch on my Instafood, among family stuff and whatnot.


No Racing. Just parking lot photos.


Good. No door dings.


Yeah, I had a girlfriend who had one of those. Damn engine burned more oil than fuel. Pretty sure it was her fault... Before meeting me she didn't understand that the oil light wasn't a watering can.

You've got some cool projects. Don't lose the passion!


is he man, or machine? or both?


No one who runs that course is human.


Every time I hear guy martin speak I'm half a second behind what hes saying trying to decipher what he actually just said. Could be that I'm a slow american but it seems like hes mumbling as fast as he rides.



they serialize the car, but dont put the bells and whistles like a serialized car should have, like for instance, making if seems like everything in the car was made just for that car. ie the blank switches :((((


If i was put in prison and I had to choose 1 TV show to watch for the rest of my life...


Panoz makes some odd cars that are really awesome.
Finally someone that knows what they are doing came up with my idea for electric cars.
Quick change battery packs.


1000 lb batteries is a huge disadvantage. BUT it might make it up with pit stop time. 51 seconds for refueling according to this article. Batteries could be swapped alot quicker if it was made right.