[Official] 2021 L1 Devember Minecraft Server! Vanilla Survival + Build Contest



Follow the path to Devember 2021 and the Brotherhood of L1 Tavern:

Spawn areas built by @PhaseLockedLoop

:balance_scale: RULES

As always, the golden rule of the server: Do not grief other players! No destroying other people’s builds or stealing their items. Also, please no modded clients or xray. We generally try to be laid back where we can, but these offenses will get you banned from the server.

Also, this year, we’ve implemented an AFK timer. Your user will automatically go AFK after 5 minutes of inactivity. 15 minutes later you will be kicked. AFK kicks have not been implemented to punish users, but to prevent some users from getting an unfair advantage over others in the competition and reduce server load, because users typically AFK in their base or near a farm.

In addition to these, our usual forum rules apply as well. Be polite and have fun and please don’t make me have to pull out a ban hammer .

:hammer_and_pick: BUILD CONTEST

As we’ve mentioned in the last couple news episodes, there will also be a build contest for the community on this server! Players will have until the end of the month (December 2021) to complete their projects. At the beginning of January, we will award f a b u l o u s p r i z e s to our top picks, including mystery hardware from Wendell’s stash, and merch of the winners’ choice from store.level1techs.com .

Submitting Your Build

You can submit your build by posting your coordinates + screenshots, and adding a sign in game with your forum username. Make sure to include the tag minecraft2021 as well (especially if you decide to make a separate forum post). We will use this thread and tag to find builds for the final judgement process, so make sure you post!

What should I build?

The Level1Techs office and set. A full scale replica of the Shire - pre and post scouring for maxiumum book faithfulness. A monument dedicated to the combined efforts of @PhaseLockedLoop and @SgtAwesomesauce and Linode, who helped us get this shindig together. Anything your heart desires. Really.

Help, I’m not a builder!

Don’t fret, you can totally just hang out and play for fun too!

How can I see last year’s builds?

When you join the server, you’ll see signs for “Devember 2020”. Follow the path to Devember 2020 to access the old server via a Nether Portal:

Likewise, to access the new building server for 2021, you can follow the “Devember 2021” signs to access the portal for the new world:

:joystick: JOIN AND PLAY

Minecraft version is 1.17.1 and the server is vanilla survival. Come join us at mc21.level1techs.com


If someone builds a monumental Ty Lee statue. Ill love them forever.

Added Note: If anyone encounters issues @ us, there might be a couple kinks here and there but I think sarge and I tested all the conditions that we needed. This includes play claims, access trust and trust related stuff so that should be all golden.

Tavern Interior Screenshot:


Good Luck Y’all!


I don’t want to out myself as a complete scrub/newb/failure etc. but, how does one join the Minecraft server. Explain it to me like I’m a boomer.

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  1. Open Minecraft. (Make sure you’re on version 1.17.1)
  2. Click the ‘Multiplayer’ button
  3. Click the ‘Add Server’ button
  4. Name the server something like ‘L1 2021’ and enter the server address listed in the description: mc21.level1techs.com
  5. Click ‘Done’.
  6. The server should show up in the list now. Click it and then ‘Join’ to enter.

Once you’re in the server, you’ll show up at a spawn area, the ice castle. You’ll be given a basic set of tools, but you won’t be able to craft in this area-- this is just a ‘starting zone’ or a hub for new players to visit. You can explore the area for a bit but eventually you’ll want to follow the signs to the path for the 2021 Devember Server. At the end of the path you’ll see a purple Nether portal marked as ‘2021’-- go through it to enter the new build area. As of this writing it’s all forested and ready to be built on; but you can explore farther out and build wherever you want from there.


Does this work with the java edition or is the contest for Win10/11 users mostly?

java clients work.


Can anyone help me with the dynamic map login? I have no idea how to do it.

The command is provided on the page

Run the command’s use your credentials and login with that registration code

for now don’t use your Minecraft password for it because its HTTP not HTTPS. Thats my advice.

Other than that it should be self explanatory

I was hoping to build really long roads. I hope the server build limit does not remain at only 7500


It is my goal to build 1 million blocks of road.

So I just did the chunk storage math (yes, that is my primary concern here) for that plan. at a render distance of 4, you’d have used 9.8TB of disk space on our server. We only have a 1TB SSD on this server.

I’m not opposed to expanding the world border,but 1 million, or even 100k is not likely realistic.

This calculation only took into account the chunks that would be generated on your path, and did not consider the 15000x15000 area of already generated chunks or dynmap storage considerations. As it sits, we are consuming 80GB of storage for everything we’re providing, and this doesn’t take into consideration backup costs.


i understand where youre coming from. I was gunning for a 250k border cause thats a sum of mil blocks in 4 directions. thanks for any world border increase. if it is so serious it cant be changed, i can live with the current world border. I would mention the nether is 1/8 that in terms of where one could go back into the overworld safely

That being said, unless there is a world border increase imminently, i will be building my road towards spawn along X -264. If X -264 is somewhere anyone already started building please let me know asap. the road there would be 16 blocks wide

Welp, here goes!

Thanks @SgtAwesomesauce and @PhaseLockedLoop for getting this all put together.

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That is my other concern with the somewhat small world border. That leaves ~1k of safe nether in any direction.

I’m definitely going to be increasing it, but I don’t know what the end will be.

The biggest issue I am currently trying to work around is map size. I don’t want to get 4 months in and say “okay guys, we have to turn off chunk generation all together until we get a bigger disk”

So my plan is to do some calculations after I get off work tonight and consider the plan for increasing the worldborder. I’m thinking we go to 25k for a few weeks and see how that works out. If we need to increase beyond that, I’m okay with it, but there’s no way in hell I can generate all the chunks for that region, so we’ll have to rely on on-demand chunk generation past, say, 10k.

Frankly though, I think that’s fine.

And something I just realized, I never even generated chunks in the nether yet. I should probably start a background task for when the server load is acceptable.

The fish spawning last night was a bit excessive. :laughing:


Hmmm, I’ll have to give it a look. Lots of these numbers are not entirely clear to me.

Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I can’t get Minecraft on my PC to see the server, but I can access it fine via a web browser. Do I need a different port address than the standard minecraft. It goes without saying I’m a bit of a noob to online play as most of my online experience is from LAN gaming in the 90s.

what are you putting in the address bar? mc21.level1techs.com?

Yes, I am