Office Chair Recommendations

Yo guys. So, I need a chair for my setup. My current chair is one of those old, raunchy, grey fabric $13 specials that have no armrests and no adjustment aside from backrest slider, and backrest up/down.

It’s also incredibly small, and generally uncomfortable due to age, cheapness, and wearing out. My desk has a similar problem with its cramped layout, but that will require a custom solution for my goals.

Anyway, as far as the chair goes, I want it to be VERY comfortable for long stretches, particularly of movie watching. I also don’t care for the meshy, office look, so I’ll be wanting an ‘executive’ style chair, as I’ve recently learned.

Adjustments I want are tilt/lean lock (so I can lock it back, or slightly back), seat pan depth (if possible given the chair style I want), and flip up armrests, if not ones that can be adjusted in some way to clear the desk edge.

It also has to be a high load chair for my fat ass(300lbs) and I want it to last at least 7 or 8 years solid, so a really high-quality chair is a definite plus. No tearing or flaking of the surface material, seat pad sagging, etc.

I want a high back chair, preferably with a headrest. I also want it to have a pretty tall seat height level on the adjustment range. Like, 30-35 inches, if possible with all of the other prerequisites.

If not, I will just make my PC desk and workbench (for ‘drones’, PC building, etc.) two different heights. ((I wanted them combined as one surface for cleanliness of lines in my room and continuity, but I can sacrifice this for chair ergos.))

Budget is $400 absolute max, preferably $300 or less.

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Have the first one and meh I mean it’s not bad but nothing to write home about

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The second one looks really good, but I forgot to say, they need to be high load chairs for my 300 pound fat ass! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks for the move and title edit.

Some more options

They have staples where you are?


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I loved the second amazon link with the flip up armrests. Almost perfect except for the reviews showing yanked stitching on the seams and such. If there was a higher quality chair of that design, I’d say it’s almost perfect.

For how terrible my current chair is comfort wise, it’s lasted 10+ years including my weight for 3/4 of that, so yeah. ((I highly doubt a chair this small, basic, and cheap is rated over 225 pounds.))

I also really like these, here.
Leather reclining executive chair with lumbar and head rest
cloth reclining executive with coil springs

If these had the flip up arm rests, I’d venture to say they’re spot on perfect.

Steel folding chair and cardboard. this was in a office i have been working on and can confirm its pretty amazing.

they also had something similar to|G|Base|HDH|59-34_INTERIOR+FURNITURE|NA|PLA|Home+Office|71700000048685358|58700004834194635|92700041512946770|pla-524065112628-70940234087&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1MeRk5bv4AIVBrbACh1naAwIEAkYASABEgKWnPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
i cant find anywhere on the internet that is a bit taller and you can lean all the wya back in. super tempting to pass out in when adding printers

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I would actually recommend the Ikea Markus chair. I use that at work, and it is surprisingly comfortable. It costs $200 and available at your local Ikea store (or webstore).

It comes out well in tests as well:

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Can confirm this. Have my second one now. Mine gets daily use for around 6-8 hours without having any Problems with backpain or such. The Arm Rests are optional too, which is nice.
All i can say is, go for the cloth variant and skip the fake pleather. Any cheap pleather you can buy will not age well and start to flake quickly. Plus it tends to be cool in the beginning, which causes your muscles to cramp up and heat up over time because you don’t get ventilation. If you want leather, you should get real leather only. But then you’re looking at 1000 bucks and up…

This looks killer.

Check for the Herman Miller aerons second hand on craigslist. Offices closing tend to get rid of them for around $300 and they do come in different sizes. I had a large one at my last workplace and the large worked well for the guys over 300lbs and folks like me who are 200cm.

It’s almost like there are too many recommendations now.

I know about this chair. Pretty sure I sat in one. It’s not bad, but I really want my chair to be kinda couch-like. Hugging me in but also supportive and just ultimately overall comfortable for everything.

Don’t care for the ‘gaming’/‘racing seat’ chairs. Not my cup of joe. And way too immature. And, well, rather un-ergonomic looking and seemingly less comfortable comparatively.

Seriously guys, I want an “executive” style chair with flip up or side folding armrests, in black, high back, preferably a headrest that tilts/reclines back and can be locked like that.

Maybe a waterfall front for my legs, too, but that’s kinda it aside from 300lb load capacity and VERY well built, particularly in the surface material not flaking off. ((I had a chair that did that, and it was god awful. Every time I got up, there’d be pieces of that shit stuck to me. It’d get in my bed, in my hair, all over the place.))

Got one of those chairs off the list and its pretty trash if you ask me


Did you read the OP?

You might have to up your budget.

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