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Office Chair Recommendations



By the time we’re talking $600 or so that stuff better be real leather. Which would mean no flaking, of course. No way in hell I could justify spending more than $650 or so absolute max on a chair. And that’s still pushing it.

And I’d have to save up for that. And it better be exact. High back for my head, supportive but super comfy for long periods, flip armrests, tilt lock, waterfall front, real leather/no flaking and sturdy AF in all aspects (my weight, and long term durability)


The Herman Miller ones are good. Their Mirra ones are cheaper than the Aeron ones and actually a bit better for a “task chair” where you are moving about a lot.


Ah, I missed the mesh line somehow. If mesh is out, then cloth and real leather are the only two options. No chair with faux/bonded leather or fixed arms is worth buying.


Agreed. But what’s wrong with faux? I know bonded will be garbage and flake off, but faux seems to be okay from what I know of it since it’s a solid piece, just fake.


It’s pretty unfortunate that you need to spend a few hundred bucks on a chair to get something half decent. I got one at the dump (yep) a few years ago and was probably old when I picked it up but the thick cover is sturdy and inherently can’t flake off. Has a CAD drawing detailing its assembly on the bottom, which is interesting. Before I had a chair that completely flaked off on the whole thing, every time I consider getting a new one I think of that thing and go ‘nope’.


There is only a problem if it isn’t utilized or fabricated properly. You tend to run into that in the low cost chairs though and don’t usually come across good quality fake leather until you are outside your price range. Usually those are cheaper alternatives to the high end leather chairs and they have their reputation to think about when they do make them.


Okay, so what price range do I need to be in for a quality product, then, without getting ridiculous (thousands plural), and what would that product be? Faux? Real? Still only cloth?

I definitely don’t want a flakey piece of shit. Had one of those, hated it. I also don’t want some crap that’ll fall apart, tear at the seams, etc. What I’m saying is, my price range now was reflected by what I can afford now, but I’m definitely willing to save for a better product, just as I did for my PC itself.

Like I said, though, I do have a hard limit where things become ridiculous. I see it as ignorant and outrageous to pay multiple thousands of dollars for a fricking CHAIR of all things just due to the covering material, let alone desired adjustments. I mean, if one is expected to shell out like that, it kinda needs to do everything the other super costly chairs do, too.

But I’ve already hashed out all my desires by now, so I won’t reiterate again. I’ll probably end up making a new thread when I’m actually ready to purchase. Once I figure out how much I need to save.


Markus is so good I bought 2, 1 for home the other for work.


Broke my old chair today and had to buy a new one. Sitting in chairs in person gave me a better perspective. I preferred adjustable arm rests to flip up ones, but preferred a headrest to those.

All in all, the chair I got from office depot is good so far. Assembly was simple, and the chair is comfortable. The height adjustment is miniscule, but it gets high enough at max height to work at my current desk as well as my last chair did, without pinching my legs.

Reclining in this thing is the shit. Truly. Need to get a foot hammock with a new desk. At this point, the only thing I obstinately DON’T like about it is the bonded leather, but only because I KNOW it’ll go bad. $300 was right on the edge of my budget, especially right now, but I needed a chair, and wanted one more or less like this. So yeah.

Anyone wondering, it’s a Realspace Axton Big and Tall