Offensive 9/11 Commercial....speechless

I found this on the front page of Youtube. I completely forgot why I even went to Youtube. This is a local commercial selling mattresses and tying it into the attacks on September eleventh 2001. I was going to post this immediately, but it took several minutes for me to form a coherent thought.

How did this happen? It didn't occur to a single person involved that this was the worst idea ever? When was the last time these people had a CAT scan? I'm not even offended. These three people were rendered instantly meaningless to me as human beings. For me to be offended by them, I would actually have to consider them somewhat rational human beings This is so beyond tasteless that no rational person could take these three seriously.

I heard that they deleted the last part where they bring down the twin towers of mattresses. Somehow, this makes it worse. This tells me that these idiots actually felt that there was something to salvage here.

Probably the line that actually made me angry was the last line: "We'll never forget". This is just manipulative. They produced one of the most sociopathic and unempathetic commercials that i have ever seen, and then try to fool you into thinking they actually give a damn.

I won't forget this ad. When I'm with family and friends and we have a conversation about worst commercials ever. This will be the first one that I will bring up.

I wish I could be a little more articulate, but....God

Some people.

That's all I have to say.

There's nothing else to say.


While I can't say that this commercial isn't wrong. I can understand how it came to be.....

people NOT believing the official story has risen in great numbers, and once that happens you get stuff like this.

im just surprised they didn't have a guy in a suit jumping out of a second story window onto their mattress with a balanced glass of wine on it to show their stability under load.


That video has to be a parody or fake... I can't believe people are that stupid, then again I remind myself its 2016...





also I found this....

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When you have a sale you generally tie it into events that make people happy, like the Fourth of July. You don't tie it in to a day where regardless of you believe is pretty much regarded as one of the worst days in the history of the United States. These people are so disjointed from reality that I suspect they suffer from psychosis.

It's real. They had something on it on CNN. Why did the TV station air it? Television turns down ads all the time especially if they are too sexual, but they approved this?

I'm not saying it was right.....but geebus people can we stop getting offended over every little thing? Be it something as big as this or breast feeding or putting up a sign that says "Damn Good Tacos"....

Stop people, just stop


I stated very clearly that I was not offended in my post. I just find the stupidity of this amazing.

it's like like using the holocaust as a positive advertisement slogan.

"Their Holocaust ... 5 million. Our holocost's just $10.99!"

They are clueless

But, for you 8.97. Bad

or get the bonus twin pack for $9.11c


Sorry I wasn't pointing anyone out, I just meant in general, if you look at the "apology" video...

Actually....This is so stupid and so misguided that you cannot really feel offended or angry about...

Then again i am not from the US so i cannot tell how you guys might feel about it...

I got you:) No worries. They were a little over the top. They obviously didn't grow up with a grandmother who told them to consider the source like mine did:)

I'm from the United States and I feel the same way. This was so over the top that no sane person could take it seriously.

Almost spilled my drink dammit!

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At least the owner realizes that it was a stupid idea. Of course it took her until after the commercial was aired to come to that thought.

That's absolutely unbelievable. Worse still are the racist attacks about this on Facebook. These racist idiots think all 3 in the commercial are Mexicans, that all Mexicans hate 'Mericuh and the disgusting mess continues on from there. Congratulations racist, small-minded morons, you just made these mattress fools look good.

Why do people bring race into things anyway. Just because of a few bad apples an entire race is viewed in a biased way.

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Because they are closet racists.