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NVIDIA To Officially Support VESA Adaptive Sync (FreeSync) Under “G-Sync Compatible” Branding



60fps freesync are mostly 4K monitors… Most low range monitors are 75Hz… 48-75 is fairly decent range.
If you can’t set your game to push 48 frames all the time, maybe you need to learn to lower settings…


I would be very surprised if 2 years from now new monitors even have freesync on logos on them anymore and they are just branded as g-sync compatible.

After all, why validate twice when one of them incorporates the other and appeals to the userbase that outnumbers the other roughly 6 to 1?

It’s amd’s own fault though.

Can’t blame the thief when you stupidly leave your front door open and valuables on display.

By adopting the standard they have gained control of the standard… purely through weight of numbers to appeal to consumers (on the pc side of things)


Here’s the thing… In 2 years all monitors will support freesync… As they do now… All monitors with DP and HDMI are supporting Freesync simply because it’s part of the standard and it costs nothing to implement…


I bet there is one pin that gets pulled with 5k ohm to 5V on the monitor PCB that enables FreeSync. As everyone just copies the “example circuit” from the chip manufacturer, everyone gets FreeSync.

It is a (VESA) standard, if it was not open, how would you test for it without spending millions on a testing department?


Let’s be fair for a moment here…
Nvidia’s implementation is complete garbage. That’s obvious. They made the module absolute requirement for this to work.
Freesync doesn’t work that way. I understand why they need to test and certify monitors.

My issue with Nvidia is, that they are so buthurt they throw mud at the technology. That’s bulshit on their part. They followed their proprietary ways so strictly, they didn’t even implement the standard in their GPUs properly. And it’s open standard.

And now they try to throw mud at the VESA and their Display Port and even HDMI standards, because they choose not to use it and now they felt they have to…
But yes, it’s really required for Nvidia to certify the monitors to see if they can get around the lack of module somehow.


Interesting train of thought. Sounds so very reasonable.

Thought: Does the OpenSource AMD GPU driver support FreeSync? Then Nvidia could steal the required code and be in the green.


Apologies for my ignorance, but do AMD charge for their freesync label?


The validation of a monitor costs a bit… not much

as it needs to cover the engineers time (amd arent rich :D)

I remember an amd engineer saying this in an interview.

logo costs nothing as far as I am aware…


To quote wikipedia - FreeSync


Nope… It’s not a certificate. It’s just part of the standard.
Freesync is just the name AMD uses for VESA adaptive sync…
Adaptive sync is part of DisplayPort 1.2a and up standard, and as of last couple years - it’s part of HDMI standard as well.
It is the same as Crossfire. It doesn’t require certification.


There is a charge for the validation, which is required to use the branding

I will try to find the vid, it wasnt much from memory though

It was literally just to pay for the engineers time.


Yes, but there is validation for DisplayPort as well, etc etc…
But that is adaptive sync and not the fact AMD uses it…

Hm… I could be wrong though…


I dont think these words will come out right, tired and lurgied with a doctors appointment tomorrow

every monitor amd validated that was displayport nvidia already know will work with their cards (baring caveats of frequency range or rma issues or just issues within nvidia’s own driver).

Watched 3 vids now with roughly 12 monitors being testing and passing with flying colours (again, baring dynamic frequency range issues, which as psycho said… turn some shit down and everything is awesome).

One monitor showed a weird split screen issue on restart but was easily fixed (most likely a driver issue).

all of these monitors will give you a great time on a 1060 6gb upwards.

AMD freesync validation has basically done the work for them…

so… thanks nvidia?

which is what is happening here. nvidia owners won’t be thanking amd, they will be thanking nvidia


My issue is not with Nvidia users…
I haven’t watched news and videos and reading reviews, cause I just know media is praising Nvidia for finally supporting the full HDMI and DP specifications…
The media will praise Nvidia. Like they usually do. And they are supposed to be objective and inform the customers… Like the hell they are…


Does anyone know if this works on laptops with GTXs? I have a laptop with 1060 but no gysnc display. I’m curious if it’ll work through mini DP port tho, but I don’t have a mini DP cable on hand.


It depends on the DP version…


They may charge for the certification, or they may not. We simply don’t know the answer to that question. I agree it’s likely. And that’s fine, they’re doing the work certifying the device, why shouldn’t they get a taste? It isn’t mandatory.

Yes, LFC repeats the frame, and thus your monitor needs a refresh rate double the framerate for LFC to work. That’s my understanding, but if it’s wrong please do correct me (with a link).

I never said 48-60 was unacceptable, I said it wasn’t super awesome.


nVidia don’t have support for Freesync over HDMI, only DisplayPort. No word on why.

This is the largest problem I have with this right now. I have not seen one objective look or criticism over how this has gone down, only praise. Worse still not one tech person I have seen has questioned anything about the demo showing the supposed problems or done anything to say one bad word against nVidia because they are all scared to do so.


That’s another good point-- they really need to add HDMI support or this won’t mean much for couch gaming.


Is that for real?
For fucks sake, and we are getting such a big deal for them catching up to the features list of R9 290X?
Oh my god, how are they so successful?

Also this is one of the reasons why from over 400 monitors they tested only 12 are fully GSync certified. Most new Freesync monitors use HDMI…