Nvidia adds telemetry to it's latest drivers

The good thing about the fully FOSS driver would be that it wouldn't have that ever. In fact, if AMD did add that someone could just fork the FOSS driver, remove it and called it AMDGPU2 and off they go.. same performance no spyware. Thats the power of opensource, it keeps a lot of corporate BS in check.


Read my above post to @turin231 , there is a sound theory that they do so on purpose with Linux because inside their code are technologies and tricks they don't want nvidia having free reign over. Just look at everything AMD brought to the table and opensourced .. nvidia was able and did use it, then look at nvidia ... nobody could use their stuff so that gives an immediate advantage to nvidia.

Right now they are taking a massive risk , but it's a smart thing to do in the long run.

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Hmm that kinda stinks if you ask me.

Intel seems more likely to adopt telemetry.

Does anyone know if AMD drivers do the same?

@wendell, we need a "STOP BUYING NVIDIA PRODUCTS"-T-shirt.


Regarding open vs proprietary...

Its just how you play the game

when you are the little guy you preach open, when you are the big guy you lock it down and fortify

its classic attack and defend.

It takes a long time for amd's tactic to pay off and there are inherent dangers in doing it, like as you say all your secret sauce being visible to your enemy.

This is a little off topic but I think that top on nvidia's shit list is async compute, potentially it renders 'day one drivers' obsolete as the work of optimization is all done in hardware at runtime.

You cannot underestimate this edge as it allows nvidia to constantly trounce amd when it comes to almighty 'benchmarks'.

With async in place (and actually used correctly) It nullifies one of nvidia's illusionary edges, which is that they have the resource, time and money and micromanage a broken api and get the best results out of it...

Honestly don't know how this ever got accepted as the norm as but it did.

It would be like jquery having to write a new version of jquery every time a web page was written.... i for one will be very happy when drivers are no longer updated every sodding week.


I have a ps4 alongside my pc, I call it my anti gameworks machine...

every time a game announces that it incorporates gameworks I just buy it on ps4, and I am usually thankful for it after reading how much game XX sucks for amd users on pc.


Well since data mining is the new gold.

Highly likely.

My friend, I have not updated my drivers since December 2014... And I didn't had a single crash or anything... Just No Man's Sky issues, but then again, who didn't had no man's sky issues...
You are not forced to update drivers whenever a new one comes out...

Smart move...

This spells bad omen too, big government and big business have practically already teamed up to screw people.

Yeah, like when they made their version of gameworks, right? ..... wait.

Well, I just added another thing to the list as to why I don't like Nvidia.

I think so too, but this is probably a Windows syndrome only. With the amount of user control in Linux, this telemetry doesn't fly over there. I'm not surprise Nvidia are the first to be caught with this since they're king in marketing after all.

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I don't think I would have purchased a Titan X Pascal last week if I had known about all this; that said, I need a GPU that can handle the latest titles at 3440x1440/60FPS and AMD still doesn't have anything of the sort. It seems like Linux and AMD are the way to go, but those of us who value our privacy but also like playing games are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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Open source drivers will not contain it.
But proprietary might contain it aswell.


One of the best combos is PS4 + Linux+AMD , you get a FOSS destkop, FOSS drivers on the PC and Linux games when they are available and for AAA & easy streaming stuff you have the PS4 .. shame there is no 4k blueray, if they finally see sense and release the PS4K with a blueray option that would be perfect.

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I decided to check if I had any telemetry on my system by following the majorgeeks tutorial

Nothing on my PC. That's a 1070 on 372.70 drivers without GeForce Experience.
I think it's only happening to people who have installed GFE along with their drivers.


So this is why they are asking for an account with Nvidia to use GFE...

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For now ;)

Mission creep.

Where will go if AMD starts doing this as well?