Nvidia adds telemetry to it's latest drivers

It's even better - they make money from selling information about you, so it's not just about the ads ; )

It's Nvidia's privacy policy, not TOS or EULA for different pieces of software. You're probably right about the driver though - it should be "clean" to pass certification.
... but you always get the control panel with the driver on Windows.

I wonder how this affects the linux driver. It's easier hampering the telemetry there at least.


With proprietary you never know, and the port to linux is a 1:1 copy of the windows version pretty much.
These are just these situations when something should be open source.

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So now the privacy conscious will need both AMD+Linux.


Just another reason to add to my already fairly sizeable list of reasons to not buy Nvidia.

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Even though im on Linux, this has just sealed it for me. Looks like im going to have to suffer AMD drivers again.

*pays loads of money on a 1080, get's fucking spied on. Thanks nvidia!


Exactly... Nvidia charges a premium and to reward you they fucking spy on you

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The driver is 1:1..But the data mining is in the utility software right? Is that the same on Linux?

BTW This suddenly gives a extra advantage that AMD has a good and advancing open stack on Linux.

Popcorn time

Lovely new revenue stream for nvidia, given their market dominance it should amount to a fair amount when they sell on the data.


Damn, if only I could change the GPU in my laptop to a Radeon FirePro after hearing about this. It may only be in the GeForce Experience software but who knows if they will add something similar to professional cards like the Quadros?

Some of the users around the forums have been saying the last few months AMD drivers for Linux have improved a lot, open source and also AMDPRO drivers that was originally for the FirePros, I believe. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm off base.

I also want to know how this effects the Linux driver. I believe NVIDIA shares much of the code base between drivers, and they just released 375.10 for Linux.

Gonna monitor my traffic a bit, I doubt it, but something could come up.

Well, AMD back in like 2014 said "we will focus our efforts on the drivers quality and stability". Since then i have been using Omega 14:12... Have not crashed once. Worked with every game i tried, except No Man's Sky...
Anyways, this summer, Lisa Su and Raja Koduri have said "We will focus our driver efforts towards open source and Linux platforms". Some people have said, they have improved.

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id be interested in this if you find something, i have port blocking but it could go out of web sockets.

They have been a bit late on that promise...But they are certainly finally focusing on it.

A lot late if you ask me. People have been complaining for years. It's funny how their Linux drivers were crap, while they were working with Apple, and Apple's OS is Linux based...
I think they have no choice anymore. They can't really afford to loose any more market share, so they should try and claw back as much as possible from wherever they can...

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focusing but potentially never completing. Im skeptical they will fully opensource all of their code, it could give nvidia even more of an advantage. I think AMD is doing a great thing but they could pretty much level the field between AMDGPU-PRO and AMDGPU in less than a month if they wanted too.

It's a delicate game they are playing and it will keep AMD drivers a step behind in performance on Linux compared to Nvidia up until they finally FOSS everything.. which is a big risk for a relative giant like AMD

read top comment its more expanded than OP...

Sounds like Nvidia went complete Corporate Schmoe.

I feel like AMD sits on their ass sometimes when it comes to open source and Linux platforms.

You can't really blame them... They have been operating on loss for the last... how long? 4 years? All money they have they throw at Zen and GCN and barely can afford anything...
Anyways, now that AMD is profitable again, let's hope they will not fall behind again...
If they do the same registration/telemetry crap as Nvidia i may have to go to Intel's iGP...

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