Nothing f** works

today i basicly did everything
tryed mint, dint want to install.
tryed debian, dint find my internet and wouldent accept a driver cd.
tryed fedora, burn out a flash drive.
tryed DSLinux, had only a small pen drive left, showed some tux icons and dint do anything.
tryed arch, worked fine but well it was a mistake to even try that one.
tryed uduntu , burned it on a dvd and install went smoothly

but then the problems started, screen was 4:3 the driver updated could not be found and it froze after a min, all but the mouse was frozen and then it just restarted randomly. a ton of google and irc later, nothing worked until it sudenly restarted during some termial comands and the screen turned to full 1080p, for a bit and then it crahsed again and turned black and stayed that way.

im prety much done now, i fliped my keybourd and my table enugh times today. linux is still bullshit

try openSUSE

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So is going from an automatic car to a manual, if you don't know what you are doing and did not want to learn how to drive a manual car, are you going to tell the manufacturer or other manual car driver's: "Nothing f** works" ?


I get how you feel on this one. I have ran into many of these problems when I started messing around with Linux. Here are are few things I did when starting out with linux:

  1. Install Linux in a virtural machine using vmware player or virtural box - this way WHEN it blows up, you can easily start over.
  2. If you really want to learn linux I found that Arch is one of the best - Follow the beginners guide here:
  3. Don't give up! Linux can be frustrating even for experienced users, but after a while you will start realizing it is very nice to have more control over things.

i tried openSUSE, it worked, but temps were high, and screens had artifacts, i installed amd drivers, and it bricked, then i tried debian, drivers lolnope, 3rd monitor would not work, installed amd drivers, bricked it, tried mint, same story, and finally ubuntu fucked my shit and broke my windows that was on seperate hdd i told not to touch...

Read the manual or wiki


I've had these kind of experiences as well. Though amazingly every distro I've tried with my current PC has worked out of the box.

My diagnosis: your hardware has an ancient curse.

Except these are clearly bugs and incompatibilities, not some advanced features that need mastering.

my box is so ghetto, that im surprised it has not burned to the ground yet...

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Oh yeah that happened to me once. My windows install just broke on my hard drive. Good thing I always back up my important files onto my usb. I had to re-download all my movies, games, and music because of that.

Also, I always unplug other hard drives for any OS installation. I've had windows go "hurr hurr we found this ancient boot thingy on this other drive so we didn't install the boot manager on this drive" (paraphrasing here).

But anyway, Linux won't conquer desktop until a normal person can install and use it without losing their mind. I think the frustration is legitimate and people shouldn't just respond with "u r just a noob".


Learning Arch to me is like learning to put together an engine so it doesn't explode. If you do it, it's an incredible learning experience and in the end you'll be better off. Not everyone wants to spend a day or week doing that just to drive to the grocery store though.

Honestly your specs would seriously help. If you have a brand new Nvidia card like the 970 or 980 then you'll be running into all sorts of display issues until you install the proprietary drivers.

Also, what version of Ubuntu? My computer cannot run Xubuntu for some odd reason, but everything else works fine.

i got an old i7 6gb of ram and a gtx 580
thing is i have dabeled with linux in the past, on older imacs and newer amd machines witout any mayor problems
but this just takes the cake of just going insane, all i wanted is to able into a clang compiling and openbox stuff :/

yea i know arch would be wonderfull, and i have found a older version of archbang with some isntaller
arch main problem is that it dousnt come with an installer everything has to be done manualy, and u run into iseus and incompaibilatyes every line u type.

if xubuntu isnt working might have to do with just that xfce incompatibility, u always got kubuntu u can try
i think my isue with graphics always ends up to be somthing with

Try archbang or crunchbang if you like Openbox. Crunchbang's development ended, but it's still one of the best Openbox distros out there. There's also Crunchbang++ which is to be replacing it but it's in beta and only 32-bit right now.

I have an AMD R9 290 which only recently got decent Open Source graphics, so....

I can't say yes to this enough.

i have almost everything away of my pc, only the core apps and games are installed, but they are even on a seperate hdd, all music, movies and all non-executable or read-speed-critical is stored on my raid1 array in a seperate building, and some of that is even backed up to the cloud, that is why im not scared to run ghetto setups like this, with zip-tie attached fans, arduino controlled fans, and all kinds of horrible things

I think it's obvious that Mint, Debian, and Fedora were not bugs...

  • Did not want to install is a bit vague, so I won't comment on that, but in years of linux I never saw anything that "wouldn't install" with not at least an error that gave pointers on where to go or was not easily googlable.

  • Debian, it was just drivers, again google...

  • "Burning out flash drives" does never happen except after multiple intense use cases (like installing a couple dozens of linux distro's, and that number is still way too far from reality). Again, basic google skills would have helped, usb drive's are reusable, it does not appear that @adekto knows this, this information is on every distribution's wiki, especially major one's like mint, debian and fedora.

When you don't read the manual to opperate your new toy, you don't complain that "Nothing f** works". Especially when volunteers have spend hours making fantastic documentation, on that specific toy.

For DSLinux (is that Damn Small Linux?), it is not active anymore...
I won't talk about Arch, it worked :D
I would never tell a beginner and anyone else to install Ubuntu, mainly because of those strange errors that does not have any logical fix (Who said windows?).
If you don't get them at the installation, it's at the next "update". But it seems that everyone still does recommend it, for obscure reasons that I don't quite seem to get...

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Your specs are fine so you're doing something wrong. I've installed linux on many different computers and quite a few of them were huge pieces of crap. I've never had any of these problems. Anyway, if you want to install Arch Linux with a gui installer try Antergos.

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This looks like your best option @adekto

BTW if the Antergos installer throws an error at you, try again or try the command line installer (still has menus etc, just not as pretty).

That's just something that can happen, and almost made me give up since there wasn't much info about the error on google.

wel it dint want to install due to varius reasons

debian i couldent fix it since the driver cd was in there and wen it asked for it then i hit accept and it gets an error, its like the horrible cycle of internet driver not working so download the drivers :(

drive started not showing up anymore and wen i loaded stuff on it would not even boot anymore
about fedora i could use another dvd and burn it that one may work