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No Netflix data cost

You were correct when you said that US pollicies slowly influence other countrys. A 3Mobile plan in the UK offers 4GB of data but unlimeted Netflix.

I must be getting old, people watch Netflix on their phones?!?

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For sure. My wife has Netflix playing all day long on her ipad or phone as she walks around the house doing stuff. She just picks it up and takes it with her. Granted, she’s not really paying much attention, but >90% of the time we are watching, it’s on a mobile device.

Of course, that’s at home, so on wifi. We have used mobile data for it before, but it’s much rarer, as we don’t really watch movies while we’re out.

I can see it being a selling point for some, especially those whose ISPs want to screw them for usual Netflix usage.

There was a year or two where our primary connection at home was over 3G, since the only internet access we could get in the area we lived was DSL with a satellite TV package. Needless to say, we declined. 3G it was.

Maybe. But also consider that phones can be used as mobile hot spots. I can pick up a non-4g tablet for next to nothing, and have it link up to my phone’s wireless hotspot. I haven’t used this for Netflix, but I do use it to access my VoIP system at home, or VPN into work environments.

3 typically limit data available to hotspots to around 2GB/month on their lower-end plans, so I doubt the unlimited Netflix exception would apply in this case.

It dosent. I have an unlimmeted data contract whitch allows 30GB Teathering but when you teather it blockes VPN’s, turns off the netflix deal and repeatedly boots laptops.

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Netflix does not have Real Housewives of New Jersey
Don’t ask how I know this :slight_smile:

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On 15th this month netflix is going to apply global updates to their policy adding micro-transactions to ‘better’ your quality and enjoyment of watching movies, and so on… obviously jk, but sounds like today’s world.

Addressing my obviously outdated ideas on Netflix and handheld devices…

If I’m at home there are several large screens to watch content, TV, PC monitor. Also with a fast stable internet connection.

If I’m out, well I’m out and I’m not going to sit down at watch TV or movie on my phone. I’m out doing stuff, driving the car, shopping in Tesco or whatever.

I can understand those with poor internet connection options wanting to use mobile data as a temporary solution but long term? I have used my phone as a hotspot for a laptop when I was in a hotel with dreadful WiFi. However, I could not imagine using it for extended periods.

My phone is used for streaming music while I drive, local radio is particularly bad where I live. Navigation and of course communication. I have never thought of using my phone to watch a video. I’ll read some news to pass the time on poop-naps and such. I would end up with severe dead leg if I fired up Netflix sat on the crapper.

I guess my willingness to acsept new tech at my age dose not extend to all of the use cases. Watching long form video content being one of them.

T-Mobile in the US gives you free unlimited music streaming and video services (video services limited to 480p if you turn on the unlimited feature). They also gave out free data passes for Pokemon GO, when that was a huge thing.

When I read this, I was ready to believe it. It’s not too far off from the truth.

What they don’t give though is tethering. They limit you to 3g speed on tether and cuck your limits.


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it ain’t :slight_smile:

from perspective of ISP who is doing 3G/4G networks (mobile data provider) imposes 4GB or so on their download caps (counts 2x for upload)

Now comes netflix wanting to sell its service to those people who have no chance of actually using it. They pay mobile ISP $$$ so that they can get customers from their network (where they wouldn’t get otherwise.)

They see that user is likely pay them 30$ a month (they take low estimation of potential market and pay ISP a bribe 10-15% of potential profit, sometimes more if their network is shitty.)

Not true. I get 7gb of full speed tethering (usually 50Mbps+ in my area) and it slows down after that. Unless, of course, you use something like pdanet or FoxFi. Then its unlimited full speed.

I think 3 are getting around it because they arnt charging anyone for the data not even Netflix. So its a freebee. Probably a bad precedent though.

I was using the built-in android hotspot, I’m on the “one” program and have been since about December or so. Are you grandfathered in? I called T-Mobile about this problem and what I posted above is what they told me, more or less paraphrased.

I got a Promo. Only had the plan for about 2 years. Got in right before the change over to the “One” programs.

Ah, that makes sense.

I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if I can take advantage of any promos.

My girl friends cousin got that.

Too bad she had no service with T-Mobile.

UnlimitedTM but good luck getting service

EE is offering 6 months of free Apple Music where the streaming/downloading doesn’t count towards your monthly limit as well. It’s bullshit. Only think you can do is complain to Ofcom. The first rule of net neutrality on their website is that data must be treated neutrally, beyond basic network traffic management.

It’s fine in California, where I live, but when I travel, I’ll sometimes lose signal.