Nintendo switch release

Anyone else get their Switch today?

Went to midnight release and took the day off today. Put about 10 hours into breath of the wild. So far it's an absolutely amazing game that's pretty difficult to boot.

The switch itself is pretty baller. I don't think. The hardware is too terribly underpowered in the grand scheme for a mobile device, but they should probably had made the dock have a gpu for home console purposes.

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I've heard great things about Breath of the WIld however I want to wait for a few weeks until everyone can give their full opinions on the game due to having plenty of time with it.

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I bought one at Shopper's Drug Mart at 1 am and made $125 or more on SDM points and I am hoping to flip this POS even if I only end up selling it for what it costs plus tax. Oh the fun of flipping. : )

PS: If you want to pay $660 for it and $30 shipping you can buy mine on Ebay. : P

I'm lumped in with the poor group of people who pre-ordered through Amazon Prime and didn't get theirs on release as promised.

I think Nintendo botched the timing on a major shipment to Amazon. Or at least, that's what the rumor was. If that's true, literally no one should be surprised. Nintendo has had a notoriously bad reputation for doing crap like this.

And what did we learn today kids? For the thousandth time, don't ever pre-order anything, ever. You'll only end up being disappointed in some way or another.


Don't see why you cant get a refund for something that didn't ship when they said it would. Amazon are good for that.

@Yockanookany I've not got one yet. I'm the same as @anon69321716 and I'm going to wait a little bit, some to save money and some to see how it pans out. It does look good, Nintendo seem to have this weird thing of making decent not great hardware, as in not the latest greatest tech. The 3DS did well, and this is better than that. So well see. Maybe you can give us a bigger review?

It looks very repairable. thats a big plus


@behindthetimesgamer if it makesyou feel any better the one I ordered from Amazon to give go my brothed. actually shipped but it went to Indiana from Tennessee. I'm in MS. So what should have been here Friday won't be here till Monday. I can't get it to him for 3 weeks anyway but it's still stupid.

@Eden I may. There's so many pro reviewers out there doing it that i haven't had interest in it so far because I suck at putting thought to words but maybe I will anyway. So far I love it. I was able to lay in bed with my wife while she watched TV and beat the first dungeon. It was pretty cool.

Edit: holy typos. This new android update has fubar'ed predictive text.


I haven't actually found a decent review that goes over what it does how it works, build, and general this good/bad..

Gonna wait after having completed my semester works to buy one. In the meantime, can anyone try to hookup a xbox one s controller to it, that would be fun if it's possible.

I'll give it a shot when I figure this damned puzzle out.

Edit: no place to sync Bluetooth devices that i can find.

Update: My Switch should be here on Monday. I guess Amazon got their shipment in.


i got mine at a midnight launch at local best buy. I preordered but they actually had 13 for non preorders and like everyone there preordered. I was near the end of the line, so its like, anyone could of shown up at 12, waited maybe 30 mins in line and would of gotten one...

Criticisms: its a bit underpowered, noticable choppiness at times in Zelda. I know its mobile too, kind of wish they waited a month or two if it meant the gpu could of been pascal instead of maxwell. The black wrist protector things are utter crap. They are difficult to remove and they're uncomfortable. I preordered a nintendo pro controller which should arrive monday, but so far pleasantly surprised with how good the joycons in their grip thing feels. A bit annoyed that the default grip doesn't charge your joycons, in additional to a screen protector and basic traveling case, and micro sd card. Seems like the thing is a massive money pit. I mean, at the very least i feel like it should of come out with twice as much storage and a basic pouch for your switch imo.I can forgive the lack of a screen protector because virtually nothing comes with one, and the joycons have a long enough battery life, you probably only really need a charging grip if you get a 2nd pair of joycons because you won't be able to charge both sets at the same time on the console.

I am not one to hype a game, but this is probably the best Zelda since a 'A Link to the Past'. So far I have been thoroughly impressed by it. My favorite open world game by far.

Aw sshhheeeeeet. That's a bold statement given the likes of games like the Witcher and Elder Scrolls. My brother bought one on launch too and made a little video about it.

He vowed up and down he wouldn't buy it at launch because he had some issues with how Nintendo was dealing with online features, Nintendo accounts, virtual console issues, pithy library and short battery life. He went and did it anyway, the bastard.

I'm holding off until Animal Crossing is released and hopefully that will be after there is a v2 of the console.

Luke did a pretty decent review for Linus. Spends a lot of time talking about the joycons, pro controller and bunch of other stuff. Digital Foundry did a better review IMO though.

I too think they should have done something better for home use inside the dock.

What we got here is a good portable console , however lets be frank , not quite as powerful as an xbox 360 from 12 years ago. Which is good in the portable world , but in the home world that's unacceptable.

With lower end graphics like this it's going to have a very limited lifespan in the home market as it's capability is already very limited. Even breath of the wild seems like it relies very heavily on cell shading and bump mapping to squeeze some detail out of it.

Breath of the Wld was developed for Wii U, not the Switch. The 2 versions have very few differences so I imagine the Switch could do better.

Several articles are out on the web talking about keeping the switch away from the microwave. Because, of course if you don't you can experience connectivity issues. Do those people know that you are not really supposed to have wireless tech around microwaves? To me they are basically talking down on Nintendo, for something that can be difficult to prevent.

I played breath of the wild last night. If you know the controls the game isn't hard. When I played I got off the plateau and bolted for the castle. I'm outside the giard to the bossroom now before ganon. On WiiU if you play aing with the gyroscope to aim shit its just like playing with a mouse, so at least 2 of the bosses I fought took 2 hours each, one was out in the field and the other in the basement of hyrule castle.

I love it.

I'm actually hesitant to cal out the power capabilities of the switch considering the only thing pushing it atm is breath of the wild and that was meant to be a Wii U game so it's probably ported and not built from the ground up for the Switch.

That said, I agree with the sentiment that Breath of the Wild is my favorite open world game...ever.. You can take it however you want after I acknowledge that I'm a huge fan of the Zelda franchise as I cut my teeth on it as a child, but I'm able to look subjectively I feel and can say this in a non biased manner. I ran around for about 2 hours today not doing a damned things except exploring. I haven't had this level of immersion and enjoyment out of an open world game since Oblivion. I couldn't get invested in The Witcher nor in Skyrim.

The gameplay is interesting and where as people say simplistic, I still think it's difficult enough with enough combat engagement opportunities like attack dodging and parrying that makes it deeply satisfying. An absolutely incredible experience so far.

I'm a little disappointed by the build quality of the device. The "everything plastic" approach is a bit of a turn off for me. Although it should be resistant to drops.

If you have a Switch, or are going to get one, get a screen protector. NOW. It has a plastic screen and will scratch from just about anything.

That being said, Zelda BOTW is great, but wait for more titles to come out before you buy the Switch. The darn thing doesn't even have the Virtual console, or any apps like Netflix or YouTube yet.

I'll post more thoughts on the device once I get more hands on with it. Until then, here's a good video on the build quality.

It is getting worse for Nintendo ...

Now they have to deal with their unclear or very clear pixel policy. Also there was some other bad news today and also btw in a sudden move Nintendo took their stand down from their store.

Those are some HARD crashes. I don't think any console should be capable of that regardless if it's launch.

And whats worse , one of those switches was showing in game artifacts which in the pc world we know as bad vram. Sometimes those in game 3d artifacts are fixed with drivers but 99% of the time the gpu is dead.

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