Nextcloud FreeNAS Plugin LDAP Broken?

I’m trying to set up the nextcloud plugin in FreeNAS with the LDAP/AD backend. Initially I just want to get a simple bind over (no ssl), but it seems broken.

When I click detect port here, it just hangs. Same if I use the address of a specific dc. Nothing seems to happen if I fill out the rest of the information correctly either. Binds on other systems on the same subnet are working fine.

Save Credentials button has no effect, nor do any other buttons on this page.

Nothing in the logs except some sql errors from yesterday from when it was initially set up.

All log levels are enabled:

php has the ldap module installed:

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 12.16.34

I’ve set the firewall to allow all traffic to the domain controllers from this subnet. I can ping the dcs, I can ssh into them from the nextcloud jail, etc. Time is sync’d and the dcs are set as the dns servers.

Any ideas?

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Bind works as expected on a stock ubuntu vm with nextcloud installed as a snap. Same subnet.

I got the same problem… In a stock ubuntu machine it works just fine, but in a TrueNas jail it won’t work.
Did you find a solution?

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My non-solution was to not use the jail…

If you have the time/energy for it, you can open an issue wit ixsystems about it.

Hi, did you ever get anywhere with this? I’m having the same exact issue with LDAP on NextCloud TrueNAS plugin

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I didn’t. You should open a ticket with ix if you want it fixed.

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I just got it fixed on my end. I had to update /mnt/Data01/iocage/jails/nextcloud/root/usr/local/etc/nginx/conf.d/nextcloud.conf.template with the fix from here.

github dot com/nextcloud/documentation/pull/2197

Then I restarted the plugin and it works. At least the continue button isn’t greyed out, going through the rest of it now.

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