Sysadmin Mega Thread

ehh bridges technically have a connection speed, but they’re happy to pass packets as fast as the computer is capable of doing.

But only having a connection speed in that they will negotiate with the vnic.

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Well, the connection speed thing seems to have fixed itself, getting over 100 megabit now, which is around what I’d expect given the application.

Networking is probably my least favorite part of sysadmin type stuff.

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Don’t you love it when that stuff happens?

Stay well away from anyone who enjoys it.

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Shut up you need me


psh, you have ssh and telnet. we can keep you caged for public safety.


Has anyone set up nextcloud with the ldap/ad backend before?

I remember trying it before and not running into any issues, so I suspect something is up with the FreeNAS plugin…

id be willing to try with freeipa… but i dont have freenas

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I might try nextcloud in a vm to see if that magically works.

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Literally no one uses this (maybe like 15 years ago)

there are sadly lots of places that use it internally…

(X)Doubt unless they dont have network people

I literally know a vendor that uses it b/c they do crazy shit with the filesystem and put stuff in weird places, which can break ssh ( on migration/software installs/etc) , and their fallback is to have telnet to get back in

That sounds like server people doing stupid things not network

i am one of the server people and i want them to stop doing it.


Tell the network people to block the traffic :slight_smile:

Older Ubiquiti Edgeswitch firmwares had it on by default and you’ll still get one with that firmware on it from time to time. I have an expect script that telnets in, generates ssh keys, enables ssh and disables telnet.

More commenting that its not used by anyone who does networking for a living not that it doesnt work / exist still on network gear.

They took it out of macOS base install a while back.

Only one thing left worth doing in telnet…


Unrelated, stupid Ubuntu changed the name of the network interface on first boot after install so it had no network connection and the cloud-init failed.


Their repeated BS with networking is highly infuriating

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more like failplan amirite

ldap/ad backend on Nextcloud snap on ubuntu works as expected ootb, so looks like the freenas plugin is to blame… oh well.

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