Next gen consoles vs PC

The next generation of consoles will coming out. As with the release of the last console generation. The consoles were ahead in graphic capabilities at first few years of release. How will the PC keep itself as the superior gaming system in terms of graphics. 


pc has alread a huge leap on consoles

Agree with skullabyss. This leap is huuuuge btw. I belive next gen consoles will as powerfull as high end gaming pcs at the time of release. However, within few months from that, PC would already tak the lead again. Personal opinion here ;D


i heard some where that the ps4 is going to be using the 7970

The only way i see PC gaming keeping ahead (graphics) is cheaper graphics cards. But PC beats consoles on gameplay, because it wil get most mainstream games, but also amazing indie games

a 16-core xbox are you fucking kidding me?


i'll admit i actually lol'd at that.

in this case its IBM

PC gaming doesn't have to do anything for a long time, it's so far ahead now. Not even the next next-gen consoles will come close to the power of a 690 or a 2011 Extreme edition i7... Not only because those parts are way out of the budget of a console but because the manufacturer will hold back, in ten years time when the console peeps are going Yeee-hah! Because their Xbox 720 can play at 1080p 30 fps, we'll be laughing at 4k res and 60 fps. How the manufacturer will hold back: Money, simple. The Xbox 360 has been out 7 years now ish, Microsoft and Sony alike will keep their consoles on the market for so long just to bleed as  much money possible from the consumer's, they'll do the same with the Xbox 720 / PS4..

Nuff said?


Good for consoles to finally better themselves... if that's how they better themselves I suppose (I personally prefer PC but I game without discrimination) but I would like some cross platform action if anything (not FPS, other genres like co-op games or so), but that's not happening soon.

I just hope the next gen stay up to par (or better in some cases) in quality without so many deathly lights, rings, squares, bananas, and etc. I play the shit out of anything I like playing, first concern is wear and tear of playing longer than 10 hours (yeah I know, whatever.) with heating issues.  Next concern is hope they utilize new technology to it's maximum potential to hopefully spark more innovative game engines and/or mechanics.

My half-ass thoughts of quick posting, please no fire lol.


from what i read a while back i heard the xbox 720 most likely will be using a 6670 graphics card, sooo..... yah

Depends on the price of the new consoles, id say theyre probably going to be the power of mid to high end gaming machines (7870/660Ti)  and hopefully will be better optomized with some fancy new technologys, but PC will still have the Lead by a Wide Margin and with Steambox coming and a lot of people jumping the off console bandwagon and building entry Level Gaming Pc's the Future looks Bright for us.

With the pc fron you can do What i did . Get a mideng mother bord a clearenc graphics card and a good case with a cheap but duable prosesor and over the next year as I learned more I upgreaded and upgraded to the point I have almost $2000 just in my tower not my monitors or input devices. My console I have not touched sence I built a new computer a year ago. 400$ computer to start with and end up with a beast 2000$, amit I do need a better graphs but thats just for noise leves.

I've heard that as well, although I just read an article explaining that it actually uses a 7000 series card. Unfortunately, they didn't specify, although I'm guessing it's probably a 7770. 

yah i read that article right after i posted, was to lazy to fix it though, they also say the 720 may have a 16 core cpu (insert facepalm here)

O_O 16 cores?! Jesus... What exactly would warrant the use of 16 cores on a console?

yea i've read an offical post somewhere on IGN a while back, and I remembering looking at the gfx card they picked out for the new xbox, and laughing. It was something like a 6670, besides If they used something like a 7970 the price of the new consoles would be to high.

I think that for the next gen of consoles to keep up with pc's is to innovate in how games are played with maybe new hardware or some system in the console. If you think of it, this console generation dragged on because the manufacturers didn't see the need to provide more power. Gamers seem to be fine playing on what they're console can do so as long as game developers keep rolling out good games. Look at the PS2 they just ended the production of it this year because the demand for it was still quite high. Now, I'm not saying that motion controlled gaming is the answer but console need something new and better interaction for it to beat the pc. One can plug almost anything on the pc to play games with. I don't know maybe I'm crazy but more power doesn't necessarily mean better gaming experiences.