New to PCs and need some help

im new to everthing about pcs and im looking into building this im wanting to play Minecraft with mods and shaders, Some Dayz, Some H1Z1, Heroes and generals, gta 5, witcher 3, i have a $400 budget. -Thanks MinneMo

You're not going to get great performance in GTA V or Witcher 3 with a $400 build, are you aware of this?

That build is outdated atm but here you go buddy, this will run all of the above

If going 50$ over is too much I can make it cheaper by removing the DVD drive and putting a worse psu or something

im not looking for the best graphics i just want to be able to play these games with decent fps

this build looks great, thanks but dont i need a cpu cooler ifso what do you recommend.

Best to buy a decent 2nd hand cpu/ram/mb combo (older i5 etc) then add a half decent gpu - r9 280 etc.
A new $400 parts list will struggle with Witcher 3 @ 1080p, the rest of the titles would be ok'ish.

You dont, the cpu comes with a cooler in the box. You only need a better one if you plan to overclock.
Use this for optimal game settings when you get it

The guy said he was new to PCs so he doesnt have the expirience to Search for used parts, its better for him to buy new parts and have warranty. And this WILL run Witcher 3, not on Ultra but it will run fine

Well i don't have that good experiences with the boxed coolers but my CPU's need more power so it should be ok.
But if your PC gets too hot try to get another cooler if you can afford it.

Other thing: I would recommend also buying an SSD if you have enough money (about 38 Pounds or 55 €). I recommend this one if 128 GB is enough for your System and the games:
That will make your pc run faster significantly.

And don't forget to get a OS. I recomment Win 8.1 with StartIsBack. You get the keys online for about 35€.

If you are messing with your temps: Dont worry, GPU's are way hotter than CPU's. I can only talk for me but i am trying to keep the CPU-temp under 50°C at full load and the GPU under 90°C.

And what about peripherals (mouse, keyboard, screen, audio, ...)? Do you have some? Are they included in your budget?

An ssd wont make the pc faster, just make game load times shorter. The build is already 450$, 50$ over budget. ssds are over rated anyway, I have a hybrid sshd so I dont have to struggle constantly installing and uninstalling games from the tiny overpriced ssd. I'm guessing he has a mouse, keyboard and monitor since the build video he linked is just for the case.

Sure it does not fasten up the computing speed, but as you said it decreases the loadingtimes. I am very happy with my SSD's and the time i am saving with them (especially when it comes to fast loadingtimes in eg insurgency os i am the first coming to the squad-screen and i can take any class i want to and not choose between the left ones). But of course thats not a must have.

Additional he maybe needs a WLAN Stick or patch cable to get into the network.

Check if there is a microcenter near you.
At the philly store you can get:
FX6300 or 6350 with MB for 100 or 130
R9 270x 2gig for 138
DVD drive: use for OS install then return and get your money back
Antec case 25
Inland Gold PSU 400 for 28
250 gb HD open box for 15 bucks
8 gig ram for 50 bucks
The FX series has a great cpu cooler with heatpipes I believe but double check
SSD can come later but for now hit the on button THEN take a piss. You won't miss it

thanks for the replies ill see if i can afford a ssd later on but for right now i cant really afford it, i havent forgot the os i know what win 8.1 is but whats startlsback? i dont have a good mouse, keyboard, but i have temps and i still need to get a screen any suggestions on a cheaper good screen i live in the u.s. so some stuff is different some web sites dont ship to u.s . for some reason. thanks for all the help -MinneMo

i need somthing to be able to hook up to my ethernet cable

i dont know how to overclock right now but i might later so ill upgrade coolers when i do -Thanks MinneMo

another thing is i cant afford to buy this all at once so what 2 things do you recommend first i was thinking case and psu. -thanks minnemo

Well.. If you cant buy it at once (in my build i got the same problem) just buy what is cheaper then usual is. So you save some extra bucks. But i would also buy the optional components later like a good mouse, expensive keyboard or DVD Drive (For the installation you could use an USB-Stick)

For a screen you could take a look at the LG 24M45HQ-B. I bought it a few month ago for about 115€ and this was a very good deal for a gaming ready 24" screen. Its not very bright, but it was the best price performance ratio i found. The prices in germany has increased to 150€ but maybe you could get it cheaper in the US. Also take a look at other LG screens. They are mostly cheap and have decent quality.

And StartIsBack is this(Tek): or look here

My paycheck came in I bought everything except gpu, hard drive, and dvd drive im happy do I need something to be able to connect to the internet? and were should I go to get windows 8? this may seem like a really stupid question but how do I download a search engine after I get the pc put together?

~A fully built pc (hdd, os etc) for a start + connect that pc to internet you are going to need a) a wifi adapter to connect to your home AP/or tethered phone b) network cable to connect to your home switch/router
~Windows 8.1 - microsoft's site for a serial, on-line store for a serial, in person @ a store, if you're a student you may have access to a free serial (dreamspark academy).
~Search bar ---- ???? If you've gone through the process of joining a forum you would already be familar with web browsers. I hope....

i know on on a pc you buy from like best buy comes with internet explorer but what does a custom built pc have or do you have to download?? i dont want wifi.